Prairie Songwriter Showcase

Music Showcase

The graduates of the Prairie Songwriting & Recording Diploma in the Music and Worship Arts program are given the opportunity to Showcase their work in an end-of-year concert - except for the past two years because of Covid.
Thursday April 28 had the Kirk Chapel packed with a very appreciative audience as 5 graduates from the 2020, 2021 and 2020 classes poured everything into their performances.
Graduates were responsible for every aspect of the presentation. For the EPs it included the writing, and EP design and then for the concert, they arranged details of stage setting, props, backup accompaniment etc.

Each graduate presented two numbers from their EP. [“EP” stands for ‘Extended Play” from the olden days when an LP was “Long Play” and an EP was something longer than a single play, but less than a long-play. For the graduates this means 5 songs on a CD. EP’s are used in the music industry for marketing/distribution to radio stations, and sales.]

In order of appearance: (Artist’s Name, Album Title, Song title.)
Erin Bowker: The Other Side. New Chapter, /Stand Up.
Keziah B (Berg): Things I’d Never Say. Time, /If My Walls Could Talk.
Stuart (Stu) Maclean: STUART MACLEAN. Humdrum Blues, /Highest Shelf.
Sneha Reddy: Hope. We’ve All Been There, /Hope.
Joshua Bellingham: Sea of Lights. 2020, /Sea of Lights.

Josh’s final number had the rest of the grads joining in as a grand finale.

Following the concert part, Denis Baptista, Music Instructor & Songwriting Program Director, and Dr. Mark Jonah, Worship Arts Program Director, presented each graduate with a framed copy of their EP and recognition of their achievements.
Many other recognitions were made; the graduates calling up many who had been involved in teaching them, working on the recordings and then in assisting in the evening’s concert.

A reception in the Maxwell Centre Atrium followed.