Jaylene Johnson to perform at the Three Hills Arts Academy

Jaylene Johnson

Jaylene Johnson is on her Potter and Clay Western Canadian Solo Tour and will be coming to the Three Hills Arts Academy on November 2 at 7 pm.

Her connection to Three Hills is that she was here to do her “Finding Beautiful” recording in the Harvest Media Group recording studio under Stephen Rendall and Eldon Winter. Stephen Rendall describes her as “a wonderfully talented singer, songwriter from Winnipeg and that some may be familiar with some of her songs from the TV shows Dawson Creek, Joan of Arcadia, Beautiful People, and others.”

Of her new recording, “Potter and Clay” we read that it “comes after several years of challenges, including severe vocal impairment and, on a far more personal level, infertility. Her voice was recovered through surgery in 2014 and the night before she left for a remote cabin to write exclusively for the project, she found out she was, miraculously, expecting. The twelve original songs reflect these experiences and her deepened faith with warm, acoustically rich settings.”

“Potter & Clay”, …is a stunning, collaborative project which already has its share of weighty endorsements from those familiar with the genre including Jon Buller and Steve Bell (Executive Producer/featured artist).”

The press release tells us:

“A month long tour is taking Jaylene throughout Western Canada along with her husband and her 6-month-old baby girl.

‘It’s a year of two births, in a way,’ says Johnson, ‘I feel extremely blessed.’”

This will be an opportunity to hear, not only her music, but her testimony of these two miracles of healing.

Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/jaylene-johnson-three-hills-potter-clay-solo-concert-tickets-28363079735