Operation Christmas Child underway

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The Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Campaign is underway with Collection Week being November 13 to 18.
In recent years, this annual event has seen approximately 1000 shoeboxes per year shipped from the Three Hills area. In 2016, the number of shoeboxes collected Canada-wide was over 660,000.
The packages are distributed to 13 countries including the Ukraine and several in Central America and Africa.
Donors, whether individuals or families have at least three options by which they may be involved.
1. Boxes may be picked up from some churches, or at the Loonie Store, or they could be delivered by making a request to the Logistics Coordinator, Bobbie Bauer at 443-2283.
2. Cash donations may be made at the Loonie Store and the staff there will pack a box for the donor.
3. Cash donations may be made to Samaritan’s Purse and items will be purchased and distributed appropriately to fill boxes at two “packing parties”. These “packing parties” will take place on November 5 at Bethel Evangelical Church beginning at 5 pm, and at Chateau Three Hills on November 8, beginning at 2 pm.
A brochure provided with the box will outline the types of items that may be included. These will range from small clothing items, school supplies, toys, and hygiene items. Some items that cannot be included would be candy, gum, or liquids, including toothpaste. Labels provided with the boxes allows the donor to specify an age and gender so that items may be selected accordingly.
Collection Week is that time when the boxes are to be delivered to Bethel Evangelical Church in readiness to be transported to the Samaritan’s Purse warehouse in Calgary. There the boxes have to undergo a further examination to make sure that all items pass the requirements or restrictions.
Drop off times during collection week are as follows: Monday, Tue., Wed., 1 to 3 pm; Thursday, 1 to 3 and 7-9; Friday, 10 -noon and 1-3; and Saturday 10 -noon.
For additional help or information contact Bobbie Bauer at 443-2283 or her assistant, RaeAnne Benedict at 403-357-4269.