Arts Academy presents ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas The Night Before

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is this year’s Children’s Theatre production under the Three Hills Arts Academy. Tiffany Dietz, well known to most theatre patrons for her various roles on stage, is taking on her first Directorship.

The “promo” blurb that supposedly hints at the theme or direction of the play doesn’t really tell us much, but it may add to some sense of mystery.

We read:

“The wild holiday adventures of a mouse, an elf, and a spunky little girl who just won’t take no for an answer, on their quest to find out why Santa missed their house last year. A joyful tribute to the holiday season!”

Up front I would say that adults should consider “adopting” a child to bring along with them. It will serve several purposes. One, it will give them an ‘excuse’ to be attending what would seem to be a production for children. Two it will give some child a way of getting to see it who might otherwise not get in on it. And Three, it will greatly encourage the budding Thespians and surprise the audience when they see how very developed some of these actors are.

Tiffany indicated that according to the script as written by playwright Ken Ludwig it called for only 5 actors. Tiffany expanded that to use 12 actors. But even then she had the very difficult task of having to have some who auditioned not finding a part this time.

Of the 12 who do appear, five are new to the stage and seven are veterans. One might suppose that acting may be in their genes.

The cast list includes one Brown, two Campbells, one Pike, one Rector, one Roberts, three Stahls, and three Thiessens. They range in age from eight years to 16 and come to us from Acme, Three Hills and Trochu.

Plan to take in at least one of the performances running from November 23 to 25 with a 7:00 pm time and on the 25th and 26th at 2:00 pm. See the Capital Ad for further details.