Arts Academy presents, "The Foreigner"

Foriegner Rehearsal

Three Hills Arts Academy is presenting a two act comedy written by Larry Shue called “The Foreigner”. It is a comedy built around what would happen if someone were so shy that they couldn’t participate in a conversation. Now put this person in a fishing lodge setting, and suggest to the other guests the reason he doesn’t join in the conversations is that he is a “foreigner” and doesn’t understand the language.

Now if the guests assume that he doesn’t understand what they are saying, what kinds of “secrets” might they discuss?

The topics, if you can imagine what they could be, are enough that this play has been deemed “not suitable for children”. Also the characters, keeping in character do not use “darn” or “heck”.

It will not be difficult to imagine what elements will make this a “comedy”.

Add to this though the cast that will be playing the parts and interpreting the personas under the directorship of Floyd Cotton and you can come prepared for some very, very funny scenes and lines.

Charlie Baker, the “foreigner” is being played by Jono Thiessen. Charlie’s friend, Froggy LeSueur, is taken by Josh Laplante. Betty Meeks the manager of the lodge is Mary-Ann Bergen. The other guests are played by Dylan Burden, Jordana Reed, Ken MacDonald, and Max Harback.

Two “townspeople” are Brad Luijkx, and Tyler McLim.

The story is more than just a comedy. In a peculiar turn of events and the timing of this play finally coming to us in 2018, it also brings a timely message when we think of it in relation to present day thinking among some about anyone perceived to be a “foreigner”.

Evening performances at 7 pm will be on March 2, 3, 9 and 10. Matinee shows will be at 2 pm on March 3, 4, 10 and 11.