Annual Linden Fire & Rescue fundraising breakfast raises $8225

Linden Fire Demo 2018

Linden Firemen held their annual fundraising breakfast on Saturday morning, July 14, feeding about 480 and raising $8225. There were six door prizes for children and five for adults, consisting of a fire bowl, first aid kits, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide alarms. After breakfast was over and door prize winners were announced, the firemen put on a demonstration showing how a vehicle can be ripped open almost as easy as a tin can, for safer extrication of patient (if necessary). The firemen used cordless Hurst rescue tools that were purchased by the County about a year ago, consisting of a spreader, cutter and ram. The spreader and cutter are the two tools that make up what is commonly known as the jaws of life. These tools are cordless with rechargeable batteries replacing the tools that had cumbersome hoses attached to a hydraulic pump. The Linden Fire & Rescue Department acknowledged this was the department’s 50 year anniversary of service in Linden and thanked the community for all their support over the years. The dollars raised at this year’s event will be pooled and applied to a new fire hall.