Carbon Notices - May 17, 2017

NEXT COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 7 PM.

TAX NOTICES – 2017 Property Tax Notices have been mailed. Please NOTE that the Village will not take cash as payment for property taxes. Debit or cheques, ONLY. If paying by direct deposit via your bank, please make sure that you use your TAX ROLL number as the account number. Tax roll number is on your tax invoice. If you are paying with a Visa or Master Card there will be a 2% processing fee added. Taxes are due July 31st, 2017.

TOXIC WASTE ROUND UP – June 20. From 4 to 7 PM. Carbon Fire Hall 238 Hillside Ave. Items accepted are paint, chemicals, microwaves, computers, hard drives, keyboards, speakers’ printers, monitors.

UNSIGHTLY PREMISES BYLAW – Bylaw 2011-778 states that no owner (s) of a premise shall cause, allow or permit the premises to become or to continue to be an Unsightly Premises. This means that any property that exhibits visual evidence of a lack of general maintenance, clean up and upkeep, including excessive accumulation on the premises of:
* the whole or part of any vehicle/s which are not registered with the Motor Vehicle Registry for the current year and which are inoperative by reason of disrepair, removed parts or missing equipment or any vehicles which are otherwise not in a road-worthy condition
* garbage,
* dirt, soil, gravel, rocks, petroleum products
* hazardous material
* disassembled equipment or machinery
* broken household chattels or goods
* animal excrement
* sewage
* the whole or part of an animal remains