Kneehill County Notices - October 26, 2016


Tuesday, November 8 & 22, 2016


November 9, 2016

A Special Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 8:30 a.m., at 1600-2nd St. NE, Three Hills, for the purpose of deliberating the 2017 Operating and Capital Budget.


THE FOLLOWING DEVELOPMENT PERMITS, WHICH HAVE BEEN CONDITIONALLY APPROVED BY KNEEHILL COUNTY, ARE SUBJECT TO APPEAL BY THE PUBLIC. Please note, however, that developments listed as a “Permitted Use” may only be appealed if the development standards (e.g. setback distances) have been relaxed or varied, or if an affected person has determined that the Development Authority has misinterpreted the Land Use Bylaw. Developments listed as a “Discretionary Use” may be appealed if an affected person has a legitimate grievance, or if the aforementioned reasons relating to Permitted Uses apply.

Permit #: 3586-16

Application: Accessory Building (Shop Addition)

Owner: Gene Isaac

Edith Isaac

Applicant: Gene Isaac

Edith Isaac

Location: NE 28-30-25 W4

South 528ft

Zoning: Agriculture

Devt. Type: Permitted

Permit #: 3587-16

Application: Accessory Building (Garage)

Owner: 1748645 Alberta Inc.

Applicant: Randy Wilner

Terry Coveney

Location: Lots 39-42 (Inclusive)

Block 7 Plan 5050AK


Zoning: Hamlet Residential

Devt. Type: Permitted

Permit #: 3588-16

Application: Accessory Building

Owner: Merilyn Tetz

Applicant: Greg Tetz

Location: NW 36-31-25 W4

Zoning: Agriculture

Devt. Type: Permitted

Subject to the conditions noted above, any individual may appeal an approved development permit. Appeal must be in the form of a notice and must be directed to:

Al Hoggan CAO

Kneehill County

Box 400

Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0

The appeal, accompanied by the requisite fee ($300.00), must be submitted by 4:00 PM, November 9, 2016. Please contact the County Development Officer at (403) 443-5541 if you would like additional information.