Linden Notices - June 7, 2017

NEXT COUNCIL MEETINGS – Monday June 12 & 26 at 7:00 PM at Village Office. Public Welcome.

WEED CONTROL – We are asking all residents of the village take the time to control the dandelions on your property. There seems to be a higher than normal growth of these weeds this year. Please try to eradicate them as quickly as possible to prevent further spread. If you already have yours under control, thank you.

WIND DAMAGE – Just a note to remind everyone to check your trees after this wind storm. Even if the tree was not broken or visibly damaged please look them over. Damaged branches, trunk cracks, root damage around the ground, and lifting are all signs your tree might be compromised. It is important to check right away before the tree settles back into place & hides damage. If you see any of these issues it is likely your tree might not survive another storm or has a higher percentage of failure in future. Please look at our website: to see a list of tree service providers.