Local Actor takes to Rosebud Studio Stage April 13-28



Rosebud School of the Arts (RSA) student Aaron Redditt takes centre stage in the Arthur Miller classic, The Crucible, running April 13-28, 2012 at the Rosebud Studio Stage.
As an acting student in the first year of the Mentorship Programme at RSA, this is not Aaron's first time on stage.  He has also appeared in Guys and Dolls and The Twelfth Night with the Three Hills Art Academy, and The Beams are Creaking with Prairie Bible College.
Aaron says about his character, Reverend Parris: "My dad used to be a pastor, so I am familiar with the church politics that pervade this play, and how pastors may carry themselves. It has been different for me in that Parris has a trigger temper and is capable of violent outbursts, and I myself try to solve things peacefully and rationally. I connect with Parris in his fallible humanity, and how he digs himself deeper even as he tries to fix things."
The Crucible, opening Friday, April 13, portrays the riveting story of the Salem witch-hunts in 1692. With the murmurings of witchcraft in neighbouring towns, it doesn't take much to turn a peaceful farming community into a frenzy of accusation and panic.  Will the tension between fear and trust rip apart the small town of Salem? Arthur Miller's classic tale follows the turmoil of intolerance surrounding the accusations of the young Abigail Williams (Alixandra Cowman) as she manipulates an entire community for her own gain.  The innocent will hang and blood will be spilt for "now the crazy little children are jangling the keys to the kingdom!"  Is no one safe from the accuser's finger?
Head of Education at RSA and Director of The Crucible Paul F. Muir says, "I'm excited for our students to be telling this story which has a fabulous script and many 'meaty' roles that actors can really sink their teeth into.  It is a play about 'intolerance' and how that can be detrimental in any society including today."
The Crucible plays at the Rosebud Studio Stage April 13-28. For tickets call 1-800-267-7553.
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