Elnora marks 20th Anniversary of Brahma Rama

The Elnora Brahma Rama celebrated their 20th annual year of bull riding on Aug. 10 and 11. The first Elnora Brahma Rama was in 1999.

Justin Paton won Saturday’s bullriding with a score 85 points on Kool Aid of R Saga Ranch

Nick Tetz - 82 Points on Tangled of R Saga Ranch

Wyatt Gleeson - 79 points on Betty of Flying High Rodeo.

The stands were packed to watch the bull riding, only clearing for a little bit when the rain poured down and sent the crowd to find shelter. Thankfully, the rain d

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Tools for School program underway

With the approach of the new school year, families are beginning to purchase supplies. Binders, scissors, calculators, and pencils are just a few of the many items needed by students in an effort to promote their academic success. Unfortunately, the price of school supplies can be a dreaded thought when faced with expenses that strain an already tight budget. In an effort to ensure that all children start their year off with the supplies they need, the Kneehill Tools for School program is once

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‘Black Summer’ filming in nearby communities

The communities of Irricana and Beiseker have been playing host to a few zombies as the production of ‘Black Summer’, a Netflix original is filmed in and around Calgary this summer. The warm temperatures and eerie haze of smoke from forest fires lends itself nicely to a Zombie apocalypse. Black Summer’s plot acts as a prequel to the Z Nation series that films mostly in Washington. While Z Nation, now in its fifth season, is considered more campy than most other popular zombie

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Paving and repair

Three Hills Public Works has been busy preparing various roads in town for paving. Pictured is the excavation underway at the intersection of Main Street and Fourth Avenue North. This intersection has recently seen the installation of a new fire hydrant and sidewalk finishing. Paving of this project will begin on Wednesday, August 15, and will receive six inches of pavement. Crews will also be paving on Highway 583, 5th Ave. and in the east end of an Anderson subdivision cul-de-sac. The paving

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