Town of Three Hills Council Report

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Mayor Ray Wildeman called the regular meeting of Three Hills Town Council to order at 5:30 PM on June 27, 2022.

Deputy Mayor Miriam Kirk was not present.

The proposed agenda was approved as presented.

The minutes for both the Special and Regular meetings of June 13 were accepted as circulated.

Management reports were received from the Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Community Services, and the Director of Operations and Infrastructure. The CAO also presented the report on behalf of the Director of Finance and made the Council Resolution report available.

Two items arising out of the minutes or considered “Old Business” were to do with the Recycling Centre and the Kneehill Medical Services Retention and Recruitment Task Force.

Much thought has been going into the arrangements to prepare the landfill site to receive commercial and private recycling as well as to accommodate grass clippings. An option three was proposed but amended to allow preparation of the site, and pad. Council is suggesting that the goal as outlined in option three would be set for 2023 and this will allow the “better” preparation and operation when the transition is completed. Updates as to progress will be presented to the public via public notice

The ”Dr. R & R” Agreement has been presented to this Council and to the County and Municipalities with further meetings being called to work out the specifics. Council has accepted the Agreement “In Principle” which will have the Regional Partnership move forward toward a document with clarification.

Chief Administrative Officer, Ryan Leuzinger presented a Draft copy of the Council Strategic Plan. Council has given an initial review and will submit their ideas of amendments, expansions etc. to the CAO who will plan to have the proposed changes ready to present to Council at the July meeting.

A request came before Administration who in turn presented it to Council. It was a request for the Town to waive late tax penalties incurred on 2021 taxes. Considering all the circumstances, Council agreed to waive the amount applied to the first late fee only.

Councillors gave their brief reports for meetings attended.

Councillor Dennis Hazelton attended a “Closed Meeting” of the Community Futures Wild Rose on June 16. On June 24 he attended a meeting of the Southern Alberta Energy from Waste.

Deputy Mayor Miriam Kirk provided beforehand the minutes of the Dr. Recruitment and Retention Task Force.

Neither Councillor Marilyn Sept, nor Councillor Byrne Lammle had any meeting to attend since the last Council meeting.

Mayor Ray Wildeman attended a meeting of the Alberta Municipalities Summer Leaders Caucus and provided minutes from that meeting.

He also attended the Legion B.B.Q.

Mayor Wildeman was extolling the benefits of taking in the Alberta Municipalities Conference which will be taking place Sept. 21 and following. Administration has already booked accommodation for those able to attend.

Three items of Correspondence have been received and will be accepted as information.

These are fro

Affordable Housing Transportation and two packages from Municipal Affairs.

Mayor Wildeman called a break at 8:15 after which Council would move into a Closed Session to discuss

“ Section 24 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act- Advice from Officials- Rural Water and Wastewater Connection Fees.”