Kneehill County Council report - September 22, 2015 Meeting

Water Polciy
Due to discussions stemming from a Sept. 15, 2015 Committee of the Whole meeting (during which Council cannot exercise motions), Council, at today's regular meeting, formally requested that Administration review and present Council (at a future meeting) with a Policy #14-12A 'Post-Construction Connecting to a Waterline must be Extended' (not adjacent) as well as Policy #14-12B 'Post Construction Connection to a waterline when adjacent to a County waterline'.
Wimborne Cemetery Gate
Bowen Clausen - Manager of Parks & Agricultural Services formerly presented Council with communications from Wimborne & District Historical Society requesting permission to install a new main gate at the Wimborne Cemetery. to be funded through the society, utilizing funds raised through their community historical book sales. The Wimborne Cemetery is owned and operated by Kneehill County. Clr. Hoppins had previously spoken with the group, and the work to erect the gate has already been completed. The issue was placed on the agenda as a mere formality (since there were no dollars requested of the County). Councilors were advised that these type of issues could easily be directed toward Administration, to work with the Society.
Arthurvale Cemetery Survey
As presented to Council by Bowen Clausen, he advised that Mr. Barrie Vickery, on behalf of the St. Hilda's Anglican Church (Arthurvale Cemetery Fund) asked if Kneehill County could donate time and resources to survey and pin new plots in the expansion area, which could potentially hold a possible 250 plots. Through further discussion with Mr. Vickery it was noted that though it was previously surveyed, it was unknown if a legal survey had been registered properly with land titles. The new burial area appears not to have been pinned. Arthurvale Cemetery is located in the very north of the County at NE-36-34-25 W4 and is owned and operated by St. Hilda's Anglican Church. Kneehill County charges $200 per year to complete all mowing requirement for the site. It was noted that currently Mr. Vickery has been the sole caretaker of the property, as the church patronage continues to decline and age, making it more difficult to obtain funding or assistance in maintaining the cemetery. "Long-term viability is of concern, as with others throughout the County," stated Bowen. "To accurately pin these plots within the property lines, the cemetery boundaries must be confirmed through a legal land survey with monuments placed." Bowen noted that the Church, as a non profit entity is eligible to apply for the County's Community Grant, to assist with this request. Costs for legal land survey and boundary monument marking is an estimated $4500. Costs to pin plots within the cemetery with an Alberta Land Surveyor are roughly estimated at $30 per plot, with a possible 250 plots ($7500). Council approved a motion to recommend to the Church to apply for either the Fall or Spring Community Grants Application.
Gas Tax Funding Error
A reporting error regarding the Federal Gas Tax Rebate was corrected by the Administrator, which was initially reported in his CAO September 8, 2015 report, indicating incorrectly that Kneehill County's 2015 Federal Gas Tax Rebate had been cut by approximately 50% (which would have been $250,000). "The Gas tax rebate has only decreased by $9,400 and I apologize for the error."
County Scholarships
The 2015 Kneehill County Scholarships (to residents enrolled in post-secondary institutions) was awarded ($2000 each) to Connor Viste for Academic Achievement and Sydney Gall for Community and Leadership Achievement. "It was a hard choice," said Reeve Long. "There were many great applications."
Kneehill Community Resource Program (KCRP) Annual Report
Shelly Jackson, Director of FCSS provided Council with the KCRP Annual report 2014/15, which receives a large portion of FCSS funding, with the County a stakeholder. The report was received as information and if there were any questions from Council, they could be forwarded to Shelly through Administration. Reeve Long advised Council that the government has confirmed $10 million from the province for FCSS, which translates to an increase in the Kneehill FCSS budget of $21,000 for this year and possibly an increase to $28,000 for next year. "The FCSS budget in the last few years was cut due to shortfalls," said the Reeve "but once we receive the final numbers, some programs will likely be restored. We are presently in budget talks now and looking at the initial graph."
Social Media Policy
Debra Grosfield, Communications, presented Council with a social media policy draft. Council believed social media could be another great tool of communications, even to identify false information and correct it, if possible. Council recognized that the potential for negative impact could occur as well but legitimate complaints in any form could be viewed as official correspondence and if valid could be acted on. Said the Reeve, "If people have concerns, we should know what they are. We shouldn't be afraid of that. I think we should seriously look at this for its potential." As to Councilor involvement, the CAO simply recommended that arguing back and forth never ends well and solutions/suggestions would be offered up in the policy. Debra was thanked for her work and input on the draft policy and Councilors would read it thoroughly, and give consideration to approving the policy at a future meeting.

Not For Sale
Administration informed Council of his ongoing attempts to inform a ratepayer, wanting to purchase .8 of an acre parcel of land near Linden, that the land was not for sale. There had been a number of phone conversations. It was explained that to clean up a few of these small pieces of land, they were being consolidated, absorbed back into the quarter section and landowners notified. "The paperwork has been filed and is being processed through land titles. According to land use bylaw, there is no potential for usage and these little parcels have no individual access." Council approved a motion for Administration to send a formal letter to the person in question explaining the situation.
Committees - Aqua 7
The September meeting of Aqua 7 showed solid financials of $451,722.40, but due in November is a debenture payment that would take out $300,000. The service contract with 'Trackflow' was cancelled. It was explained as a program that monitored virtual savings of electrical output. The Aqua 7 Board felt its value was irrelevant and cutting it would save $14,000 a year.