Suspicious vehicle call leads to arrest


Suspicious vehicle call leads to arrest, I do love that headline. Last week we received a call of a suspicious vehicle parked near the Servus Credit Union in Three Hills. The Members attended and spoke with the two male occupants. After some investigation, one of the males was arrested on outstanding warrants. Keep it up people, we do appreciate the calls.

Which brings me to my next point, the details. As I said last week, it’s all in the details. The quote: There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details – Walt Disney. When Walt was building his park in 1955, he travelled around to other amusement parks to conduct research. One item that he looked at was trash. He discovered that people will take, on average, no more than 30 steps with a piece of trash in their hands before depositing it on the ground. The result, he designed his park so that garbage cans are never more than 30 steps away. Viola, reduced trash on the ground resulting and a more magical experience for the visitor. Now there is more to the story, like the colour pallet that he used for each and the design that he came up with that also contributed to the outcome, but you get the point. Paying attention to simple details can effect positive result.

Not just paying attention to the details of people, vehicles and events can help. We can also pay attention to the small details in our lives that can take us from being secure to victimized. The little details such as leaving our wallet in the car, a door left unlocked, or a piece of valuable property near a window in plain sight. Take the time to make note of the little details around you. Take a look at what minor changes you can make that will improve security.

Here are some of the files that we are working on from this past week.

Sometime overnight on February 6, 2018, unknown person(s) stole a battery from a bus in Three Hills, Alberta. It was reported the next day to Police by Staff at the church.

On February 12, 2018 the Three Hills RCMP received a report of damage to a door on a shop. Unknown subject(s) kicked the door in on a shop at a rural location near Trochu, AB. Nothing was taken from the shop.

Sometime between January 31 and February 6, 2018, unknown subject(s) entered a farm yard and stole a fuel tank from a grain auger. The subject(s) also attempted to steal the hydraulic tank but it was left behind.

Again, thanks for all the calls coming in to report suspicious activity. This is going to be my theme for the year. Call us with everything you have. On a side note, did you know that you can purchase a Disneyland Garbage Can Christmas ornament? It’s that popular that they had to make a souvenir out of it. Just throwing out ideas, you know it’s only 314 days away.