Campus of Caring plans presented in Trochu

Campus Caring Trochu

About 45 interested stakeholders attended a meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018, hosted by Covenant Health and Trochu’s St. Mary’s Foundation at the Trochu Baptist Fellowship Centre.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear facts, figures and possibilities for a proposed Campus of Caring that could be constructed in the Town of Trochu.

This campus, although at a very preliminary stage, would be a two or three storey facility providing an opportunity to keep families whole through several living options and at the same time, keeping residents integrated with community.

This Campus of Caring is planning to provide independent living spaces, lodge space as well as SL4 and SL4D spaces.

SL4 stands for Support Living Level Four, offering housing and support for adults with a wide range of health issues. Services may include: rehabilitation to support health/aging, social work, nutritious meals and snacks (some with special dietary needs) and weekly room cleaning.

SL4D is for individuals who have more complex medical needs that are predictable and safety managed with onsite professional nursing (LPN level) and the direction of the home care case manager. Health care aides would be onsite 24/7 to provide support and personal care.

A power point presentation showed those in attendance a possible floor plan along with a cost estimate process that goes along with stakeholder meetings and is established from the wants and needs put forth during the consultation process.

At this stage, the proposed facility (a new build) would come in around $28,100,000. That includes an estimated $23,100,000 in construction fees, $1.85 million in design, $450,000 in civil works/landscaping, $1.2 million in furniture and $1.5 million in fees/insurance and other costs.

There were residential monthly base rents presented comparing life lease holders to no life lease holders.

Based on the number of units, life leases would generate $5.5 million toward the project and allow for a maximum mortgage of $3.8 million. That leaves $18.8 million to be covered by grants/foundation.

Questions were raised concerning what is expected of the Town of Trochu and its residents.

The commitment of donated land would be required but no dollar figures were provided to determine if this model fits the Trochu area need and support capacity.

When asked about a timeline and possibly “fast forwarding” this project, the answer was, “there is no fast forward”. The meeting attendees heard that a facility, in Killam, has been ongoing for eight years and is still not complete.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Wed., June 13.