Council considers paving options

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Rich Meding, of Trochu Motors, met with Trochu Council to suggest some solutions for the paving project that Council has planned for Eckenfelder and Trochu Ave. It was important to Mr. Meding that trucks have delivery access without the worry of a road ban. Discussion centered around heavy paving or light paving, paving heavily only a portion of Eckenfelder (not all the way to the end of that road) and Trochu Avenue. Some of the paving would need to hold up to heavier loads of truck traffic. Administration would investigate costs for the various suggestions and the residents in that development are to be contacted.

Council voted to donate $100 to the Trochu Valley School Parent Council to hold its annual quilt and craft retreat.

Council appointed Clr. Bonnie Munro as an alternate to the Protective and Emergency Services Review Committee. The committee will look into how to improve Emergency Services where possible. One of the suggestions has been the need for more training. A meeting will be scheduled soon.

Administrator’s Report

This past Friday, Feb. 9, the Town of Trochu officially received the title to the property that will become their new Town Office. “Now, as part of the agreement, we have to officially plow the snow,” stated Carl Peterson.

In regard to KidSport, the grant writer did some research and shared that with Trochu Council, for information purposes. KidSport funds approximately 50 kids per year for around $8000. In 2017 only 33 kids were funded for a total of $5531.30. It was two years ago that KidSport surpassed the $100,000 bench mark in giving youth in Kneehill the opportunity to play sports.

With regard to lagoon effluent, cold temperatures have delayed the tour date of the pumping and set up process used by Artis. New tour dates could be Feb 21 to Feb 23. As to the lagoon expansion, the additional geotechnical testing holes have been drilled and for the next two weeks ground water monitoring will be tested. Once that report is readied, there will be another three weeks to make any adjustments to the design or scope. CAO, Carl Peterson, was hopeful the project could go to tender on or near March 12, 2018.

A meeting has been scheduled for Feb. 16 at 1:30 in Three Hills to discuss with interested area communities a business development plan regarding Broadband upgrades. The Mayor, the CAO and Operations Director are certain to attend, though its open to all of Council.

In regard to asset management, information coming from a meeting with three other communities about setting up a basic asset recording system to incorporate into a mapping system, would cost approximately $22,000. With extras, which would also provide information on where to spend dollars to receive the best value would cost approximately $165,000 (with an annual service fee of over $30,000). “No matter which system we proceed with,” states Carl, all members of Palliser Regional would be able to take advantage of it.” At the meeting, the attendees felt it was best to proceed with the first option and apply for grants which could be jointly used toward purchasing the higher end system.

Director of Operations Report

ATCO Electric will be replacing 29 power poles throughout town in the next few months. Six poles have existing HPS lights which will be switched to 41 watt LED. At this time, one streetlight at the corner of Arena Ave., and King Street (just north of the Town Office) was switched to 88 watt LED for comparison purposes. ATCO decides which lights get replaced and when. There is a cost savings for the 88 watt LED. There is still some discussion with ATCO Electric regarding an Electric vehicle charging station and estimates are being compiled for installation, operating costs, bank charges, and potential maintenance costs.

The sewer lift station froze and flooded the lift pumps. One pump was replaced and is now working properly. An upgrade and retrofit lift station is being planned for the spring, to minimize further issues. To remediate slow draining sewer, tree roots and rocks were removed from the arena sewer line. The pump house computer hard-drive crashed and was replaced.

At the arena/pool some pressure relief valves will need replacement during off season and the compressor requires an overhaul, which is two years past due. The estimated cost is $14,000. A small water leak was repaired on the ice resurfacer.

A revised ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ has been drafted for the Arboretum Society to review. Currently the Society is advertising for a Manager’s position.