Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Committee named

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Mayor Tim Shearlaw called the regular meeting of the Three Hills Town Council to order promptly at 5:30 pm on February 12. All Councillors were present.

There were two items under “Old Business”, four under “Bylaws” and six under “New Business”.

The first item of old business was discussing aspects of the location of a crosswalk. This considered details of a proposal designated “Option One”. Council has directed Administration now to look further into “Option Three” and bring their findings to the next council meeting.

The second item of old business had to do with the appointment of a Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Committee and had been set forward to this meeting so that all councillors could be present when the number of, and names of Councillors could be decided.

The two motions passed stated that the Town Council forms a special committee for the Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Committee consisting of three Councillors and that all expenses and per diems be paid when the committee meets. Councillors Al Campbell, John Hamm and Ray Wildeman are the appointed members with Councillor Wildeman being named the Chair when such a role is required.

Two Bylaws and then the “Fees, Rates and Charges”, being the Specified Penalties Under the respective Bylaws were given first reading. Bylaw 1417-18 is the Traffic Bylaw and Bylaw 1419-18 is a Fireworks Bylaw. Both documents spell out, in legal terms, the extent to which the “rules” and “laws” apply.

Under the Traffic Bylaw, some of the subheadings or “parts” are as follows:

Rules for the Operation of Vehicles; Rights and Duties of Pedestrians; Parking; Off-Highway Vehicles; Mobility Aid; Special Classes of Vehicles; Rules for Parades and Processions; Skateboard, Longboards, Rollerskates, Rollerblades, Bicycles and Horsedrawn Vehicles and an important “Miscellaneous”.

The Fireworks Bylaw states that the Purpose of the Bylaw is to provide for the safe possession, storage, sale and discharge of Fireworks in compliance with municipal policy, Alberta Fire Code, Alberta Safety Codes Act and the Explosives Act.

The Bylaw then goes on to address Prohibitions, Permissions, Events and Penalties.

Council received a request to consider a waiver to a Landfill fee due to “special circumstances” but were not able to comply with the request and Administration was directed to communicate this decision to the party making the request.

Council gave approval to an “Animal Trap Policy #350” as it was presented. The purpose of this policy is to define the rules and restrictions for the use of Animal Traps supplied by the Town of Three Hills.

A request came to Council from the Three Hills Playschool Association that presently leases space in the Three Hills Centennial Arena, to be allowed to use the Mezzanine area when extreme weather makes going outside unsafe. Council approved amending the lease to permit this use dependent on weather and availability.

A formal request, as required by Bylaw 1350-13, when one wants to bring a matter to the attention of the council to appear as a “delegation” was presented by Linda Brinks. She wishes to present the benefits and need to have Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) registered so that when someone calls 911 there is definite information as to who and where these are located. Council has approved that this presentation be made by Linda on Monday, February 26.

Under the simple heading of “Council Remuneration” Council received a chart prepared by, originated by, and approved by CAO Lori Conkin showing a schedule for monthly remuneration and hourly per diem rates, as they have been since 2005 and what is proposed to 2020.

Council passed this motion: “That Town Council amends Council Remuneration and Allowance Policy #220 Schedule A, effective January 1, 2018 as presented for the years 2018-2020.”

The concluding item under “New Business” was the passing of the motion stating: “That Town Council amends Personnel Policy #230, Schedule B, Town of Three Hills Managerial & Salary Grid and Schedule C, Aquatic Centre Hourly Wage Grid, effective January 1, 2018 as presented for the years 2018-2020.”

Councillor’s Reports this week touched on meetings attended over the past two weeks but also indicated that there were several scheduled meetings coming in the near future.

Mayor Shearlaw, in his report, mentioned his attendance at the memorial service for Mrs. Reedyk, the Rehoboth Fundraiser, and the First Responders’ Gala in Delburne. He also attended a “Covenant Health” meeting in Trochu where the main discussion was about a proposed Health Care Campus that would encompass several levels of care. Council members also spoke of issues presented at recent Kneehill Housing meetings. Included in the discussion were observations about present vacancies in seniors’ residences locally and in nearby communities.

The Management Team report was submitted in summary form. Council again directed commendation to Brian Davey, Assistant Director of Operations & Infrastructure and the Town of Three Hills Maintenance Crew for the great job they have been doing in clearing snow from the streets in town. Mr. Davey acknowledged that some back alleys are still in need of attention but are on the schedule as time and manpower permits.

Following the acceptance of the Financial Statements and three items of correspondence, the regular session came to an end at 7:11 pm. Following a short break, Council moved into “Closed Session” with one item on the agenda.