Fire Chief/Deputy Fire Chief appointed to Torrington Fire Department

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Brad Buchert, Senior Manager of Transportation, started the March 13 Kneehill County Council meeting with a verbal report on recent snow events. A couple of snow plows were out on County paved roads in the afternoon of Friday, March 2, with three plows and two one-tons and graders on Saturday, and again on Sunday, March 4 with plows and 11 graders, and again on Monday, March 5, Tuesday and right through to Friday, March 9. Wind rows were cleared and hamlets looked after. By utilizing the GPS System, Mr. Buchert was able to give Council a snapshot view of equipment as they travelled the roads.

Fire Chief Appointment and Deputy Chief of Torrington

Kneehill County Council appoints Doug Fretz as Fire Chief and Jason Michielsen as Deputy Fire Chief of Torrington Fire Department until March 1, 2020. Should these members leave the department, their positions would be deemed vacant. As per Bylaw 1712 Kneehill County must appoint the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief for its District Fire Department (Torrington), as may be recommended by the CAO. The appointment would be reviewed on a two-year basis.

Spring Resolutions for Municipal Districts/Counties

Council received the 2018 AAMDC Spring Resolutions Report as information. Submitted resolutions include: Request for Implementation of the 2018 Assessment Year Modifier for Well and Pipeline Assessments, Combatting Rural Crime, Increase staffing levels for Crown prosecutors in Rural Municipalities, Support continuation of grant funding for Agricultural Initiatives, Wind Energy Regulations, Standards for buildings contaminated by Fentanyl and Carfentanil, Amendments for Provincial Recycling regulations, Recycling of Solar Panels, Exemption of Seniors Housing from paying Carbon levy, to name a few.

Ag to Ag Business Designation

Council moved first reading of proposed bylaw 1757 for the purpose of amending the Land Use Bylaw 1718 be re-designating a portion of the NE 30-34-26 W4 from Agriculture District to Agriculture Business District. The subject parcel is located directly south west of the Wimborne Gas plant and is bound by Hwy 805 on the east. Council passed a motion to schedule to Public Hearing for April 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

Coffee with Council is a new initiative and now has its own approved policy 18-4.

Policy 18-1 - Communication was reviewed with a few minor changes and additions. It, too, was approved.

An additional Peace Officer was officially added to the 2019 Budget Cycle.

Strategic Priorities

Changes on the Strategic Priorities Chart were approved. The Churchill Water Line talks are slated for April 5, 2018 Committee Of The Whole (COTW) meeting. User Fee Review is slated for April 17, 2018 COW meeting. 2018 Budget scenarios will happen in April. Inter-Municipal Collaboration frameworks in June and Economic Development Strategy for April. Next up on the list is Tourism & Recreation Master Plan review, Hamlet Strategy, Inter-Municipal Development plans, asset management plan, long term financial plan.

Aerial Photo Joint Project

Will Nyman, Information Services Supervisor advised Council that Tarin Resource Services would be flying certain areas of Central Alberta for aerial photography, currently Stettler County, Red Deer County, and Mountain View County. They have approached Kneehill to join. Council approved the completion of the ortho-photos in 2018, and the partnering, with funds to come from IT reserves.