MLA Cooper announces nomination bid

MLA Cooper Nomination

OLDS: MLA Nathan Cooper has officially announced his intention to seek the United Conservative Party’s nomination for Olds-Didbury-Three Hills.

Speaking at a campaign-style rally at the Olds Ramada Hotel, Cooper stressed the importance of teamwork in the UCP’s efforts to defeat the NDP government.

“I really feel blessed to have such a broad, deep, and motivated team supporting both my candidacy and my family,” said Cooper. “This is exactly what Alberta needs going into next year’s general election.”

“Defeating the NDP is vital for the future of our communities and our province. This isn’t just about the next election. It’s about the next 30 years. It’s about rebuilding Alberta’s foundations for our children, and our children’s children.”

Cooper was introduced and endorsed by former MLA and Alberta Ethics Commissioner, Bob Clark, who lives in Carstairs.

“Nathan is a very good constituency representative, and I believe he has the ability to make a significant contribution to Alberta’s future,” said Clark.

First elected as a Wildrose MLA in 2015, Cooper fully supported the unification of Alberta’s conservative parties under the UCP banner, and served as the party’s initial Interim Leader in 2017.

“Helping to build our party from the ground up, into a cohesive force, was a challenge I was proud to accept. The process was only possible thanks to broad support from across Alberta. I also know that unity was only the first step towards taking our province back. Personally, I feel a duty to the people of this province to take the fight to the NDP, and finish the job.”

The UCP party is expected to begin launching nomination races across Alberta over the next six months, in advance of a general election slated for Spring, 2019.