A fresh look for Prairie College

Prairie Brand Mockups

After many teasers on social media, Prairie has unveiled the beginning of its fresh new online face on April 10th, with more updates to be released in the coming weeks.

Anthem Creative, based out of Edmonton AB, was hired to help the college simplify and re-style their design in order to better connect with their audience. In the Spring of 2017, Al Mertes, head of Prairie’s Marketing Department and Admissions, initially hired Anthem to complete a promotional video for the college. In January 2018 the company signed a one-year contract with the school to update their social media and marketing presence.

Notable changes include an enveloping of the wheat sheaf in a crest, and a simplification of the colour palette to include blue and yellow as their primarily colours, with greys and blacks used secondarily. Prairie’s most distinctive emblem, the wheat sheaf, has been, and will continue to be, the cornerstone upon which all other design is based. The wheat sheaf is in recognition of the late summer landscape surrounding the college, but it more significantly it portrays the biblical themes of fields ripe for the harvest and the call to live out the crucified life.

Prairie’s President, Mark Maxwell, calls the change a “freshening” and “simplification” of the Prairie brand, which “we believe is a good brand: Prairie, the wheat sheaf, and our reputation. We have a good product, and that is quality community, quality education, quality programming. What we don’t have is that we’ve never been good at telling our story. Mark Watt is coming in to help us tell our story. We’re a secret that’s kept too well and we need to get that story out.”

Mark Watt, Principal and Creative Director of Anthem Creative made it his aim to re-style the College’s brand so that it “communicates that Prairie is here to stay as an innovator and leader in the world of Christian, professional colleges. We hope it communicates that Prairie is one of the best choices out there for anyone looking to grow in their faith and professionally.”

Watt elaborates that his company, along with the College, hopes that the freshening “excites alumni to see Prairie continuing to mold and grow with the times increasing their reach and effectiveness with the next generation. We hope current students grow in their pride of the college as they see a commitment to growing with them and engaging with them where they are at. We hope to connect on a deeper level with prospective students attracting them to consider Prairie as their college and guide into the next chapter of life.”

Over the next month, watch Prairie’s social media outlets for daily updates and postings, including new promotional YouTube videos.