Sod turned for new facility

Tabernacle Sod Turning

Pictured from left to right: Scott Jardine, Shirley Yeo, Bill Brisbin, Mayor Tim Shearlaw, Daryl Notter, Paula Pelland, Pastor Dr. Tim Miller, Gary Winger and Ron Wilson.

Sunday, May 6 was a perfect afternoon for a milestone event. A large number of congregants and community friends of the Prairie Tabernacle Congregation assembled on Sunday, May 6 at 1:30 in the field immediately south of the Prairie Christian Academy for a very long awaited official sod turning of the new Prairie Tabernacle.

Daryl Notter, welcomed the guests and opened in prayer. He then called on Allan Ironside to lead the congregation in a medley of hymns appropriate to the occasion. Further introductions of the Design Committee and Building Committee members and Mayor Shearlaw and pastors representing local churches preceded a brief message from Senior Pastor, Dr. Tim Miller.

Daryl also read greetings and a “scroll” from Hon. Kevin Sorenson, MP.

Dr. Miller read a letter of support and blessing from Pastor Emeritus Dr. Ted S. Rendall. Then he gave a very practical challenge for the congregation to be aware of three potential stumbling blocks as the project moves forward.

They must guard against “Fear” and stand fast in faith, not give in to “Fault finding” and be careful lest delays or other factors would lead to “Fatigue.” But he also gave the spiritual strengths that the congregation has exhibited and must continue to do. They show “Appreciation for the Past, Affection for One Another , and Anticipation for the Future. The reminder is that the “Building of the Church” is more than erecting brick and mortar, but is the greater goal of “building the kingdom of heaven”.

Pastor Miller, Bill Brisban-project manager, and Daryl, then donned their official ‘white hard hats” to do the symbolic sod turning.

Daryl had young persons of the congregation mark the four corners of the soon to be started building.

All were then invited to “celebrate” by having a piece of cake prepared for the occasion.