VINCOVI Technology Solutions opens new location

VINCOVI Facade Cropped

What’s new at VINCOVI Technology Solutions? The answer is, “Just about everything”.
Owners Michael Guttridge and Cory Buckmaster are all smiles as they talk about their ever-growing business, from their new location at 403 Main Street and their stunning store front, created by Jill Guttridge.
What began as a home occupation, VINCOVI Technology Solutions has outgrown its past locations and is now comfortably settled in their new surroundings.
The bright, new location provides three times the floor space as their former site. That equates to a spacious showroom offering over 300 retail items. “We have grown our retail space by 600%,” said Mike. There is ample office space in the centre of the facility, leading into a state of the art repair facility twice the size of their former location.
When VINCOVI Technology Solutions talks about their growth, they have to talk about the quality service they not only provide, but insist upon. Mike and Cory will come to you. That’s right, they make house calls to your home, business or farming operation. Home, business and farm security has grown rapidly and they specialize in wireless networks offering full connectivity of multiple facilities “There are so many options,” said Mike, “from rural properties with multiple buildings to massive feedlots, everyone needs to be connected.” He adds, “We want to listen to our customer’s needs then we’ll put a package together for them.”
That personalized service has resulted in customers coming back.
Both Mike and Cory have vast experience in the corporate IT world. They have brought that experience to Three Hills.
VINCOVI offers business IT services, after hours emergency support, backup and disaster recovery, on-site and remote support, security cameras and home automation, computer sales and service, mobile phone repairs and their new-expanded technology products, in stock.
“We’ve brought the retail experience of the city to our community of Three Hills,” said Mike. “We are competitive with the city and online, right here at home.”
“We are passionate about being embedded in the community. That’s a big part of our success,” said Cory.
VINCOVI Technology Solutions is planning a Grand Opening for their new location to be held later this month. Watch for details.
On the lighter side, Mike and Cory have had people drop in who thought they were they were new to Three Hills. “It’s amazing what a difference our new location has made,” said Mike.
Now that they are in the central core of the Three Hills business community, even more people will become familiar with VINCOVI Technology Solutions and learn how they can serve your computer and security technology requirements.
They’re open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and don’t forget their 24/7 emergency service. Call them at 403-924-4357 (HELP) and check out their website at