Kneehill County approves $200,000 in funding to Village of Linden

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Kneehill County Council Reeve Jerry Wittstock called the regular meeting to order at 8:29 AM June 12, 2018.

Two items were added to the agenda.

Two delegations were scheduled to appear, one at 9:30 AM and one at 10:00 AM, but because the Village of Linden was present in the Council Chamber, they were received to give their report at 8:47.

Mayor Kelly Klassen gave the presentation and Deputy Mayor Darwin Moon and Councillor Flo Robinson were in the Gallery.

At 10:00 AM, after a break in the earlier proceedings, Nicki Bernier of the Three Hills Golf Club made a presentation on its behalf. Norm Campion and Mike Reynolds accompanied her.

Council responded to both delegations by bringing forth a resolution and approving it, under the agenda heading of “Disposition of Delegation Business”.

For the Village of Linden and the concern over a shortfall of Provincial funding because of the cutbacks, the delegation presented three Infrastructure projects for which they could use some additional support from the County. The County Council, in support of this community and its request for support, approved $200,000 to come from the Contingency Reserve Fund and to be used for whichever of the three projects the Linden Council should decide upon.

The request from the Three Hills Golf Club had the Council “… assist the Three Hills Golf Club, due to flood recovery, by making available the County Resources to a maximum value of $15,000.00, at Administration’s discretion, this being utilized in the 2018 budget year.” This decision was carried but with a recorded vote indicating that Councillors Kenneth King and Jim Hugo opposed the motion.

A Public Hearing Scheduled for 11 AM and having been duly advertised according to the Municipal Government Act to speak to Bylaw 1755 Road Closure Bylaw for SE 30-33-26 W4M (Wimborne) , had no written objections and no persons present to speak against it. The Bylaw now goes to the Minister of Transportation and once approved there will come back for 2nd and 3rd reading.

Around these presentations (before and after) several items of “regular business” were attended to.

Under “Municipal Services” the first item was the introduction of the new County Employee in the person of Brandon Rempel, taking up the role of County Peace Officer.

Brad Buchert, Sr. Manager Transportation and Facilities, presented details about the Dunphy Road Bank Protection Project.

Council approved the Dunphy Road Bank Protection Project in the amount of $550,000 for 2018 with funds to be allocated for this project from the Road Reserve and apply for grant funding under the Alberta Community Resilience Program.

Bowen Clausen, Manager Parks & Agricultural Services, presented an updated #2-1, Cemetery Policy which Council approved with minor adjustments.

Bylaw #1770- Fire Bylaw was presented by Debra Grosfield, Communications & Protective Services. This was to rescind the existing Bylaw #1712, and to make the necessary changes to recognize the position of County Fire Chief. With slight alteration for clarity sake, the Bylaw received first, second and third reading.

Appointment of Fire Guardian, a motion presented by Deb Grosfield, has Council adding Dan Ross as Kneehill County Fire Chief as a Fire Guardian for the issuance of Fire Permits to April 2019 for Kneehill County.

Corporate Services had three reports presented by Mike Morton.

The Bank Reconciliation statements for January to March 2018, and the 2018 First Quarter Report were accepted as presented.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program Funding report brought forth this motion that was carried:

“That Council directs Administration to apply for a grant opportunity from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program for Asset Management Report and Program Development; Furthermore, that Kneehill County commits to conducting the following activities in its proposed project submitted to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program to advance our asset management program: • Condition Assessment Program Development • Risk Framework Development • Lifecycle Strategy Development.

Furthermore, that Kneehill County commits $15,000.00 from its budget toward the costs of this initiative.

Under “New Business” three items were brought before Council, two of which had motions carried, providing support and a third was tabled until further information could be brought before Council.

The first is the request for sponsorship support for the “B is for Brady” Memorial Golf Tournament being held July 21 at the Three Hills Golf Course.

The following is in the background information presented on-line for Councillors and the public to have before them before Council makes any decision.

“B is for Brady” Memorial Golf Tournament 2018. Administration received a request from the “B is for Brady” Memorial Fund 2018 Golf Tournament organizers. They are raising funds for the Rotary Flames House. This is the 2nd year for this event. Last year they raised $15,000 for the “B is for Brady” Memorial Fund. Their goal is to raise $100,000 by November 13, 2018 (Brady’s 10th birthday) to be invested into the Investors Group Dividend Fund which invests 100% in Canadian companies. Long term average returns on the fund have been just over 7%/year. Every year the account will donate 5% of the total amount to the Rotary Flames House to help them with ongoing costs and operations. The golf tournament will be held on July 21, 2018 at the Three Hills Golf Course.”

Council responded with this motion: “That Council approve sponsorship in the form of a Bernie Brown print (valued at $150.00) plus 72 County branded items.”

The second Item was an invitation for County Councillors to attend the Annual Fire and Ambulance Appreciation BBQ and to suggest a donation.

“Council approved a donation of $350 and authorized attendance of all of the Councillors to the Annual Fire and Ambulance Appreciation Barbeque being held on Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 6:00 p.m., with funds to come from Policy #15- 7, Recreation, Community, Arts and Culture Events.”

The third item concerns the “Levy Rates for the Marigold Library System and this was tabled until the August 21 Council meeting when clarification may be given as to the application of the monies raised.

Council and Committee Reports included information from the “Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes of April 24; The Drumheller RCMP Statistics for April 2018; and the Drumheller Solid Waste Association. These reports were accepted as distributed.

The “Council Follow-up Action List” is a table of items or projects from Council meetings that require follow-up. This document is regularly updated after each Council meeting. It shows the date the item was put on the list, who or what department is looking after it, a suggested completion date, and what stage it is at, ie in progress, scheduled to begin, or completed.

Council accepted this document as presented.

Having come to this point in the agenda the regular meeting came to an end and Council went “In Camera” session to attend to item 12.1 “Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework –Section 21” and “item 12.2 Labour-Section 17.”

Item 13.0 has the heading “Motions from In Camera”

The on-line package that gave 146 pages of preparatory background information and suggested action for the June 12 meeting may be found on the Kneehill County web page at