Ride for STARS set for August 12, 2018

Ride for STARS Committee

The 29th Annual Ride for STARS is all set to go at the TL BAR RANCH August 12, 2018. The TL BAR RANCH is on the North Side of Hwy. 585 just west of the Tolman Bridge.

The program, as it has been organized, has been very successful and events planned for this year are very much the same as they have been the past few years.

This means that Jill Brodie is returning with her “Ducks and Dogs” demonstration. Her dogs are trained for “rounding up livestock” but for demonstration purposes she uses ducks. (Easier to transport!)

The Ride, of course, is for Fundraising for STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) and riders register with a minimum pledge of $20.00. But last year riders raised over $45,000.

Food figures largely during the day and begins with a Rumsey Volunteer Fire Dept. Breakfast, then the Alix Fire Dept./Gooch’s Gang Lunch and wraps up with the Country Cooker’s Beef Supper.

Additional fundraising includes the Poker Rally, Raffle tickets for a Quilt and other items and then the silent auction.

The oldest rider, for several years, has been Marvin Monagny who celebrates his 90th birthday this year, and last year’s youngest rider was Easton Comte, at three years of age.

The Ride for STARS organizing committee consists of Ernie Goddard, Joanne Richmond, Mary Newton, Jill Brodie, Rickie Andersen, Eleanor Richmond, Rob Richmond and a Rumsey Ag Society Representative.

STARS personnel are always on hand with items for sale. A special feature for each annual event is the presence of the STARS “V.I.P” or “Very Important Person”, who is a person whose life has been spared because STARS came to the rescue and they “lived to tell the tale.” Who that will be will be disclosed closer to the event.