Acme Almuni raising funds for Community Complex

Acme Gym Project

The Acme Community Complex is a proposed capital project for a learning centre and gymnasium in the community of Acme.

“It has been an idea that has been percolating for years,” noted Matt Price, President, Acme Alumni Association. The Acme School serves as a tri-campus high school for the communities of Acme, Linden, and Carbon. The Executive of the Acme School Alumni is actively engaged in fundraising toward the construction of this facility with a goal of raising four million dollars to cover both functions, first a regulation size gym that could be used for the hosting of Provincials and second, a learning centre. The group is very close to achieving its community based major fundraising goal of one million dollars, having raised at this point $650,000 in pledges and have imminent expectations of receiving another two pledges. “There is a high chance of success if we raise the required funds.”

Achieving the fundraising goal of one million to one and half million is paramount to getting this project up and running. One million is the base amount that can be doubled with a successful application grant from Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP). If the community can raise one and half million dollars by the deadline date (before September 1, 2018) for the CFEP grant, then the community could afford more of the add-ons from a wish list. The actual deadline is Oct. 1 to have the CFEP application in and it could take about six months to expect a response. Fundraising (to continue past the CFEP deadline) is expected to wrap up by December 2018. Construction could begin as early as July 2019. It may be an aggressive time-line, but it was proposed that a grand opening of the Community Complex could perhaps happen by September 2020.

With the project coming so close to its fundraising goal, an open house meeting was held at the Acme school this past Thursday evening, July 19. There were about 75 people in attendance and the speakers included Matt Price, President, Ben Wooley, Principal Ratzlaff, and Murray Huddle, teacher. The idea behind the complex, a draft of the facility plan and description, budget, time-line, and the support (in principal) of Golden Hills School Division (GHSD) were explained as best they could for the project being pretty much in its infancy. If the grant is successful, GHSD will make a presentation to the province and any remaining costs after grants, are the responsibility of GHSD. The Alumni Association enjoys the full support of GHSD, being told that it is their number one capital priority of the year. In a letter of support from the Chair of GHSD, “We are excited for this project and appreciate the Alumni Association’s involvement and commitment to better our school and community. We believe the planned addition will be a significant benefit both to the students of Acme School and to the broader Acme community.”

The present size of the gymnasium is about 4591 sq. ft., and the proposed gym is for 10,400 sq. ft., about 100’ X 104’. The gymnasium structure may be located near Acme School, likely to the west and will affect a portion of the running track. If successful, the final plans will be engineered by GHSD. Also proposed is utilizing the present gym and the school’s front foyer as a community-use learning centre.

“First and foremost we need donation pledges.” Pledge sheets were offered at the meeting and they can also be found on line. Cathy Price, Coordinator, can also be contacted. The pledge card can be returned to any committee member, the school office, attention Murray Huddle, or mail to ‘Acme Community Complex Campaign’, c/o Donna Bates, Accountant Technician, Beeton & Associates Chartered Professional Accountant, Box 1207, Three Hills, AB, T0M 2A0. Tax receipts will be issued at the time of payment by GHSD. There are incentives and recognition for larger sponsorships.

“We cannot hold Provincials, as is, with this gym,” said Mr. Ratzlaff. “We have a great school sports program. We are not building this to get a good athletic program; we already have one.”