Kneehill County’s Land use and Bylaw Cannabis Legislation Open House

Cannabis Flow Chart 1

Kneehill County hosted an open house on Aug. 7 concerning the upcoming cannabis legalization. The open house provided in-depth information on the county’s new bylaws and land use for the legalization of cannabis.

These municipal bylaws are only in effect in Kneehill County. Individual towns, such as Three Hills and Trochu, will have their own set of bylaws for cannabis legalization. It is important to know what bylaws affect you and your community, since every county, town, and city in Alberta will have different regulations.

The new bylaws for Kneehill County will regulate retail, production, and public consumption of cannabis.

Public Consumption

Kneehill County’s public consumption bylaw states that, “A person must not smoke, vape or consume cannabis in any public place.”

Public places include any location that the public has access to, including campgrounds, and individual campsites. In Kneehill County, this would affect Horseshoe Canyon, Keivers Lake, etc.

However, a person who is entitled to possess medical cannabis is not subjected to this bylaw, only recreational is subjected.

Cannabis Retail

Cannabis retail or production facility in Kneehill County has to be 100 meters from a school, provincial health care facility, school reserve parcel, hospital, child care facility, playground, sports/playing field, skateboard/bicycle park, zoo, outdoor theatre, outdoor splash park/pool, church, community centre, rodeo grounds, golf course, cemeteries, and any similar public facilities.

A development permit will be required for Cannabis retail, recreational production, and sale facilities. Adjacent landowners within half a mile of the proposed site will be notified.

Medical Marijuana Production Facility

A production facility, in Kneehill County, shall operate only under applicable federal licensing, with a development permit, demonstrate the ability to comply with municipal water allotments, and have no odour, smoke, or air borne particles inherent to the nature of operations and shall be discoverable beyond the legal boundaries of the parcel.

The land use bylaw concerning growing cannabis on farm fields, will be further discussed in a first reading on Aug. 21 and a public hearing in September.