Homeowners discover thief in the act


Three Hills RCMP continue to investigate a daylight robbery that took place on the afternoon of Sunday, August 12, 2018.

Pastor Murray Horton and wife Maureen returned to their home, on Third Ave., South, Three Hills, at 12:20 pm. Upon entering their residence, they were shocked to discover a stranger rummaging through their belongings.

The perpetrator attempted to make a run for it, but Murray made a grab for him and the two men fell to the floor as a struggle ensued. Unfortunately, they both slipped on a floor mat and the perpetrator fell on top of Murray. He then bolted through the front door and ran to a vehicle parked on the street.

According to police, the suspect was described as being a Caucasian male, approximately six feet tall and at least 220 pounds or more. He was wearing a black hoody and the Hortons were unable to see his face.

An individual was waiting in a black, four-door Jeep Cherokee parked in the alley off 3rd Ave and 2nd Street South, but no description of the driver was available.

RCMP were quickly notified and soon arrived to investigate the scene.

Apparently, Mr. Horton did pull one of the culprits shoes off and turned it over to police. Mr. Horton also sustained a sprained finger in the scuffle.

A number of personal items were stolen from the Horton resident. Items included insurance policies, investment certificates, a safety deposit box key, new credit card, jewellery and a laptop computer.

The thieves gained entry to the home through a rear basement window.

Anyone seeing or knowing of any unusual activity in the area of 3rd Avenue and 2nd Street South, Three Hills, on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at around noon or if any strangers came to your door, perhaps looking for directions, please notify the Three Hills RCMP at 403-443-5539. The culprits might have been checking homes at random to see if they were occupied at the time.

RCMP also urge everyone to lock doors and windows and lock up your vehicles. Also, keep garden and construction tools in a locked storage facility. If left laying around, these can be used to assist in gaining access to your home, garage and vehicle or even be used against you and your family as a dangerous weapon.

RCMP continue to investigate.