29th Annual ‘Ride for STARS’ tops $47,000

STARS Ridee 2018

The 29th Annual ‘Ride for STARS’ had what could be considered an ideal day for the event, although a brisk breeze came up in the afternoon just before the awards and recognitions were proclaimed.

This is the longest running fundraiser for STARS in Alberta, and many, many volunteers have worked unselfishly over the years to bring it to its present place.

Jill Brodie was on hand again this year with her “dog and ducks” demonstration.

While it is thought of as a single event, the organizers go all out to come up with as many “fun” or “challenging” opportunities for supporters to invest in dollars and cents. Totals are still coming in and the following figures will change. But this list suggests some of the activities in which the supporters participated.

The Trail Ride itself, with 152 riders, (from four years old to 90 years old) raised $40,500.

The breakfast raised $500, Gooch’s Gang/Alix Fire Dept. Lunch brought in $650 and the Country Cookers Supper had $700.

Items sold through the silent auction raised $2000.

The “Richmond Quilt” & prize raffle saw $2,400.

A special added attraction---by popular demand--- was the “pie throw”, Rob Richmond being the target. That was turned into a “50/50” draw with Rob’s mom, Eleanor Richmond being the winner, she receiving $80 AND the chance to cream Rob!

As of the submission of the figures a rough total suggests $47,000 with more yet to come.

Riders in the Senior and Junior categories placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as to amounts raised are as follows:


Lynn Tanner with $11,200 in pledges.

Ernie Goddard with $9,138

Nikki Hiron at $4,300.

Junior Riders:

Rylee Jones $3,154

Chesney Andersen $2,815

Easton Comte $750.

Marvin Donaghy was recognized as the oldest rider at 90 years of age and Eason Comte as the youngest at four years old.

Ernie Goddard is the President of the Organizing Committee. He has ridden in every ride since its beginning.

The STARS “VIP” (Very Important Patient), this year, was Morley Ramsay, of Three Hills. He related how he was involved in a head on collision December 3, 2011, (of which he remembers nothing) but due to the First Responders and the Hospital staff and then the special services of STARS, and many reconstruction surgeries he is alive today.

The weather conditions on that day were such that STARS could not respond when the request first went in to them, but following a second call, and an improvement in the ceiling they were able to get to Three Hills and air-lift him to Calgary.