Miller Family receives Century Farm Awards

Miller Farm Family

The Miller family, all 17 of them, led by Don and his wife Darlene, were presented with two Alberta Century Farm and Ranch Awards this past Saturday, August 18, 2018. Clr. Dwayne Fulton, Division 1 of Mountain View County, presented the one plaque while the other provincial award had been received in March 2018. The plaques recognize 100 years of family farming on the original homestead of Sec 11-29-27 W4.

It all began with Joseph and Marianna Miller who arrived in the United States in the late 1800’s, from Odessa, Russia, before purchasing the homestead property west of Acme on March 15, 1918. The next Miller’s were Don’s parents, Casper and Dorothy. Doug’s father, Don has been on the farm for 82 of the 100 years while his wife Darlene has been on the farm for 55 years. Don represents the third generation, while Doug and his brothers, Mike and Glenn, represent the fourth generation, and their children represent the fifth generation, numbering 17.

Doug and Leanne’s children include Brittany, Natalie, Miranda and Lance. The children of Mike and his wife Melissa, are Adriana, Aidan and Avery. Glenn and his wife Lynnae have children Raelle and Kendra.

The first Miller combine was a JD pull type 1941, while the first farm truck (with a roll-up hoist) was a 1952 Dodge. The original house was moved to Linden in the Spring of 1946. Today they are a mixed grain and cattle farm. A new shop was completed this past summer in time for the award celebration (the previous shop was lost to fire on Dec. 5, 2017). Just over 300 friends, family, and neighbours took part in the Century Farm Award celebration.