Trochu to form ‘Town Housing Corporation’

Trochu LOGO

The Trochu Seniors Housing Advisory Committee held their second meeting on August 20, 2018 at the Trochu Curling Rink, to update the progress of the new Seniors Facility. The Town of Trochu is in the process of forming a Town Housing Corporation, which will enable the Town to be the owners of the project.

The demand study has been completed and proves favorable for our Trochu project. The land site work is underway for the development of an eight acre subdivision (west of the Arboretum). An architect will meet with us, in the near future, with a concept plan. At this time we will be able to talk to the architect about what we need and want in the new facility. Once the concept plan is in place, we will take it to get support and sell the project. It will be built with the idea to be added onto if more space becomes a necessity.

The next meeting will be September 17, 2018 @ 6:30 pm @ the Trochu Curling Rink. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Following the Advisory Committee meeting the newly formed Trochu Senior Housing Society held their meeting @ 7:30 pm, called to order by Chairperson Val Warnock.

Secretary Lynn Tanner read the minutes of the previous meeting. Charitable Status has been applied for through Jamie, the Grant Writer at the Trochu Town Office, which would allow for us to give Income Deductible receipts.

Fundraising ideas were discussed and allocated to various people for follow through.

Next meeting will be after the Advisory Committee on September 17, 2018 @ the Trochu Curling Rink. Once again, all are welcome to attend and give your input and be informed of our progress.