Acme Gym and Learning Centre fundraising approaches $1,000,000 milestone

As my Dad used to say when we had been toiling in the hot sun for seven hours: ”We’ve made a good start.”

Well, we have made a good start with the Acme Fundraising for the new recreation facility, Acme Gym and Learning Centre.

We are now approaching our first target of raising $1 million so that we can apply for a matching CFEP grant. We have raised $945k so far and so we need to keep pushing on.

The target remains that we want to raise $2.8 million in donations and grants, working with the Golden Hills School Division, not including the CFEP grant.

It is essential that we keep the fundraising going and provide those who would like to help out with donations with every opportunity to join with us in this project.

We will be organizing a fundraiser dinner later in the Fall. We will let everyone know the details as soon as we get it organized.

To those who have already donated, a huge thank you for your support.

Anyone wanting more details, please feel free to contact Cathy Price at the Acme or Linden School.

Letters of support for the project are also helpful as we can use them for the Grant Application.

Please send letters to either Cathy at the school or myself at Sunterra in Acme.

Lastly a big shout out to Cathy. She has worked tirelessly on this project and we would certainly not have gotten this far without her efforts!