Councillors tour Senior Housing Facility

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Administrator’s Report

The first reading of the Land Use Bylaw amendments was given at the Sept. 10 meeting of Trochu Council. The amendments were to meet the new requirements of the Municipal Government Act and include the legalization of Cannabis with reference to retail outlets and production facilities. More tests were completed for the Lagoon expansion and more drawings were sent to Ghostpine Environmental to include with their application regarding the Water Act.

Councilors Armstrong, Reeds and Munroe, along with Ron and Ruth Took and Carl Peterson attended a tour of Sundre’s Senior Housing facility on Monday, September 10. Stated Deputy Mayor Reeds, “I got a little excited, I have to say.” A Senior’s housing advisory meeting is scheduled for Sept. 17, to compare notes before proceeding with a concept plan. An area structure plan (ASP) proposal has been submitted by the Town’s Engineering firm, MPE.

Justin Tanner with Gitzel & Co., a Professional Accounting firm, is scheduled to present to Council on Sept. 10 as a potential auditor for the Town.

Council will be discussing swimming pool upgrades, as the estimated costs for the project are well over what was initially expected, but there is a $75,000 grant that can be considered. Administration advises that if the project is to proceed this year, the contractors need to be informed so they can begin the month-long preparations this fall. The Kippers Swim Club will be asked how they wish to proceed.

The Asset Management grant has been approved and Administration will confer with Palliser to see if Trochu proceeds independently or as a group.

A.I.C. Construction is scheduled to arrive in mid to late September for the hydrant and valve replacement project.

Administration received documentation back from the planning authority in regard to the planned ‘Road Closure’. Once approved, surveying and title changes can occur. “We are one step closer,” said Carl.


Justin Tanner with, Gitzel & Company Chartered Professional Accountants, introduced himself to Council, giving them some personal history, background on the firm, qualifications, and experience in the area of auditing for Municipal finances, Schools, and Housing Corporations.

Director of Operations Report

Cleaning of the arena has been started in preparation for the hockey/skating season. Parts are on order for repairing a water leak in the arena. In light of a pending retirement, operations is advertising for a waste management truck operator.

To complete this year’s maintenance of the ACE walking trails, all trails had cracks filled with a rubberized crack-filler with sand on top. “Over 200 man-hours of work went into the trail system,” said Dave Nelson. The alley south of Trochu Meadows was re-graded to allow for improved drainage and crushed asphalt was spread to create a firmer base. Dave advised that work needs to be done on another alley, the one behind Wanda’s Restaurant.

The sewer hydro-flusher (jointly owned with Three Hills) will be used on town sewers in September. “We have three hours under our belt, already,” said Dave. Hydrant flushing of all water lines within Town were high-speed flushed during August, to remove any possibility of stale water. Main-line valves were exercised and tested with multiple water samples taken at each hydrant. Improvements were made to the lift station by UFA Fuels, and should minimize time spent making repairs during winter months. Operations assisted the hospital with its water line upgrades. Dave noted that when the one valve was shut off, it shut down the water to a large portion of Town. “It was a mistake on our part,” he said. Representatives of Badger Meter assisted with getting the two remote water reading antennae working properly, as part of a test. Dave was happy with testing and the accuracy. It is a hefty cost (about $70,000) should Council consider purchasing them for the Town.

Council was updated on renovations to the new Town office, including new acoustic ceiling tiles, painting, electrical wiring, counters, sinks, flooring, window glass, landscaping, and drywalling. Two sets of stairs to the basement need to be installed, furnace ducts have yet to be cleaned, and flagpoles await installation on cement pillars. Repairs were made for some minor floor rot beneath the coffee room door.

Council Reports

Under Committee and Council Reports, it was Councilor Armstrong that amazed the Mayor when he had very positive news to report on SAEWA (Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association). “We (SAEWA) are finally getting some looks from government. They are beginning to pay attention and a location is being considered.”

“International financial institutions have been coming to us; we have not been seeking them out. This looks to be a good deal.”

Mayor Kletke would very much like to impress on all Alberta residents the need to get registered for voting. “If you are not registered, it looks like you won’t be able to.” It was noted that enumerators are even pre-registering those only 16 years of age, for when they are eligible.

Request for Decision: Smart Board

Council made the motion to gift the present Smart Board system to the Playschool, as they are using the space in the old curling rink and they are making good use of it. Originally the Town was going to move that system to the new office, so in a second motion, Council approved the purchase of a new Smart Board system for the new Town office.

Community Closet

Council directed Administration to continue to allow the Community Closet (a used clothing outlet) to continue to use space at the old curling rink temporarily, at least until such time as the Town needs it and gives notice.

Land Lease Agreement

The Knievels currently lease some farmland owned by the Town but with their lease expiring at the end of December, a motion was approved to extend the lease for another three years.