Trochu By-Election Council Candidates

Trochu By Election


Cerilo Cruz

Cerilo De La Cruz

I have worked at Sunterra Trochu for 13 years. I have coached and refereed at Trochu Valley School.

Kelly Bigelow

Kelly Bigelow

Good Day Trochu Community.

As most know, I’m Kelly Bigelow. I’ve been born and raised in this community and was blessed to be able to raise my own children in this beautiful town. Having my roots in this community I know firsthand how everyone here and in the surrounding area can show their support. Back in 2004 my family was devastated by a house fire, our volunteer fire department was there to save and support my family. Not to mention the overwhelming support that came from everyone. It really takes the support of a town to make a horrible situation manageable.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, baseball, and floating in the waters with my family. My background is in the road construction industry, with the past four years working for CN Rail based out of Three Hills. My family’s roots are tied into the Huxley, Trochu, and Threehills area.

With that being said, I would like to give back to this growing community. The opportunities are growing, and I’d like to support them anywhere I can!

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes life”. - Winston Churchill

Gerry Proudfoot

Gerard Proudfoot

My name is Gerard (Gerry) Proudfoot. My background is anchored in the armed forces and 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry here in Alberta, across North America, in Europe and southwest Asia. Over the years I have managed large diverse teams from different cultural and language backgrounds executing all manner of resource projects, big and small.

Trochu itself is a dynamic community with a growing diversity of its own. I am offering to put my organizational skills to work for the residents of Trochu, bring extensive experience in procurement, contracts administration, project management and communication (people) skills. Communication with the community is a key factor with the community to ensure all are aware of the direction our town is going.

I also serve on the board of the Trochu Arboretum Society (VP) and volunteer at the facility helping with the summer and winter events.

Spandy Andy

Spandy Andy Rimer

Spandy Andy Rimer was born and raised in Red Deer, AB. After receiving his MCSA degree in computers at Red Deer College, Spandy quickly landed a job in Calgary at IBM. Realizing the power of computers and social media, Spandy started creating online content that had people laughing all over the planet. After going viral and building a large online community, Spandy traveled to over 30 countries as an international entertainer.

Now Spandy is ready to bring his experience and technological expertise to Trochu. Spandy is committed to building a bright and healthy community in Trochu. He believes Trochu is the perfect place to start a family and business. With affordable housing and great internet connections, Spandy wants to show other Albertan entrepreneurs #whytrochu is the place to be.

Spandy has already made a visit to Trochu Valley School to help inspire students to start their entrepreneurial journey. He hopes to continue to build connections with locals and groups in the years to come. He plans to bring his worldly and positive perspective to Trochu. In turn, helping continue to make Trochu a progressive community for new and existing families.

Thank you for your consideration. Spandy looks forward to meeting and talking with everyone. Please feel free to message him: