Town of Three Hills Council report

Mayor Ray Wildeman called the February 28 Regular Meeting of the Three Hills Town Council to order at 5:30 PM. All Council members were present in person. The agenda was accepted as presented.

The minutes of the February 14 Special Meeting of Council and the Regular Meeting of Council were accepted as presented.

Two Delegations were on the agenda.

Michelle Toombs, CEO of the Marigold Library System was scheduled for a 10-minute presentation. Her informative and encouraging report, with a short

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Trochu Food Bank rep. George Thatcher (left) accepts a cheque from Bryon Wilkie, Production Superintendent for Artis Exploration Ltd., in the amount of $1,775.00.

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Government of Alberta investing $13.7 mil in Acme School

Alberta’s government is investing $13.7 million over the next three years for the modernization of Acme School to better support learning and career partnerships within the community. The government’s capital investment will enhance the school’s existing partnerships that prepare students with the skills needed for future success closer to home and support the school’s partner businesses to expand their offerings to Albertans.

“Alberta’s government is making

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RCMP/Provincial Police Transition Discussion Meeting held in Drumheller

The “Keep Alberta RCMP Community Engagement Tour” which has been holding public meetings across Alberta since January and will continue until March 3, stopped in Drumheller on February 2.

Hosted by Jeff McGowan and Kevin R. Halwa, both Directors of the Prairie North Region of the National Police Federation, addressed an assembly of 21, pre-registered guests. (COVID-19 protocols limited the number that could be accommodated.)

The presentation was to counter, or balance the suggestion

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