Kneehill County prepares for 75th Anniversary

Branding for 75th Anniversary

Kneehill County received, at its Nov. 13 meeting, a presentation by Michael Dangelmaier of Kyro/Rain 51 regarding Identity Development and Branding of Kneehill County. He presented three logo options and color choices with one logo for the County and another for Horseshoe Canyon. The timing coincides with the need for signage upgrades and next year’s 75th anniversary. One design depicted sun, sky, grassland and cropland as four colours in the shape of eyebrow

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Kneehill County and the Town of Trochu are pleased to announce we will jointly work together through a mediated process. Both Councils believe that working together is necessary and beneficial to both communities.

The first meetings will take place in December.

The conversations will open the doors to collaboration and form a refreshed foundation for the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) between the County and the Town.

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Josh Pelland speaks to Junior Lifeguard Club

Josh Pelland, Three Hills resident, paraplegic and determined hand cyclist, with his eye on being on the Canadian Team for an upcoming Para-Olympics, had opportunity on November 7, to speak to the Three Hills Junior Lifeguard Club.

Seventeen club members age eight and up gave their undivided attention to Josh as he shared his story with a PowerPoint presentation. Telling how he took up rock climbing at an early age and continued to seek adventure ‘around the world’ including time wi

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Communities across Canada, including Three Hills, rang their bells 100 times at sundown on Sunday, November 11, 2018. At exactly 4:48 pm the bell of St. Barnabas Anglican Church was rung 100 times. Those participating came from the Royal Canadian Legion Three Hills, Branch #92 and members of the community at large. This ceremony marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

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