Trochu Town Council Report

The first meeting of 2022 of the Trochu Town Council was held on January 10th at 6:00pm at the Town Office. In attendance was Mayor Barry Kletke, Deputy Mayor Bill Cunningham, Councillors Chris Armstrong, Jaime Martel, and Chris Reeds, along with CAO Carl Peterson, Director of Operations Dave Nelson, and Recording Secretary Toni Nelson. Councillor Candidates Kelly Bigelow and Gerry Proudfoot sat in on the meeting to observe. Councillor Jenny Lyver was away and not able to attend the meeting.


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Trochu By-Election Council Candidates


Cerilo De La Cruz

I have worked at Sunterra Trochu for 13 years. I have coached and refereed at Trochu Valley School.

Kelly Bigelow

Good Day Trochu Community.

As most know, I’m Kelly Bigelow. I’ve been born and raised in this community and was blessed to be able to raise my own children in this beautiful town. Having my roots in this community I know firsthand how everyone here and in the surrounding area can show their support. Back in 2004 my family was devastated by a ho

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Three Hills RCMP officer recognized for his contributions with apprehending impaired drivers

An officer from the Three Hills RCMP detachment was recognized for his contributions with apprehending impaired drivers.

Constable Tim VanderPloeg was awarded the Detachment Commander’s Certificate of Appreciation by Three Hills RCMP Detachment Commander Sergeant Jamie Day.

“In recognition for your professionalism, leadership and exemplary way that you perform your duties to the communities policed by the Three Hills RCMP. Your work ethic plays a key role with our investigations in

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Three Hills Town Council Report

The regular Town Council Meeting for January 10, 2022 was called to order by Mayor Ray Wildeman at 5:30 PM.

Once the formalities of accepting the agenda as presented, and approving the minutes of the December 13 meeting were looked after, Mayor Wildeman welcomed Kim Doan as the spokesperson representing citizens wishing to present concerns about the “Restriction Exemption Program” as are presently in place in the Town facilities. There were nine other citizens in the gallery.

The qu

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