Lawnmower Man in the spotlight again

Just when it seemed that “The Lawnmower Man,” or Theunis Wessels as he is known in these parts, was out of the eye of the media, his photo recently turned up once more, this time on the silver screen.

Cecilia Wessels took two photos of the tornado, and then decided to take one more with her husband and the tornado to give their family in South Africa perspective of how far away the twister was, its size compared to her husband Theunis, and ultimately to prove to family that they wer

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Drumheller RCMP execute search warrant on home, charges laid

Drumheller, Alberta - Drumheller RCMP with the assistance of the Emergency Response Team, negotiators and Police Dog Services executed a Search Warrant on a residence in the 1400 block of 4th Avenue SW in Drumheller early yesterday morning. Police say there was information that firearms were present in the residence and the additional resources were requested to minimize risk to the public, police and the offenders.

The following persons were arrested in the residence and are facing numerous ch

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Drumheller RCMP apprehend wanted male and seize stolen vehicle - Seeking second male and stolen Fountain Tire truck

Drumheller, Alta. - Drumheller RCMP received a report at 7:30 am January 15 that a burgundy Ford F350 truck smashed into a bay door at Fountain Tire and a logo'd 'Fountain Tire' GMC truck was stolen. Later in the evening, the burgundy Ford F350 was involved in rural fuel thefts which culminated in a male being apprehended at a farm and the truck seized.

The male was arrested and taken to hospital. Police investigation is ongoing. The suspect cannot be named pending the swearing of an informatio

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Clubroot confirmed in Kneehill County

The first occurrence of Clubroot was recently confirmed in Kneehill County. Clubroot is a serious soil-borne crop disease that affects canola and other cruciferous crops. Clubroot causes the formation of galls on the roots, which leads to premature death of the plant. Clubroot was first confirmed in Alberta in 2003 when it was found in a canola field northwest of Edmonton, and it was declared as a pest under the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act in 2007.

Clubroot is spread mainly through the move

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