TOEWS, Linden

Linden Toews

November 1932 - July 2018 - Dad was born in Kleefeld Manitoba on Nov. 30, 1932. At a young age he moved west to Alberta in search of work. In Nov of 1956 he married our Mom, Margaret Falk. Together they had four children. For as long as I can remember Dad always drove truck. Whether it was long hauling or local driving, that is where Dad was happy. Dale often was summoned to help him unload when he would get back from the city and I was tricked into helping on Saturdays to help get all the weeks papers in order. Before he retired in 1997, he was awarded a plaque displaying his achievement of driving more than a million miles accident free. Dad was a quiet man. Never do I remember him raising his voice to us kids. He had more patience than he ever should have with us and so when Mom would say "Just wait till Dad gets home!" we soon learned that was a very empty threat. My Aunts and Uncles often told me that not once when they were all kids at home do they ever remember hearing anyone tell Dad to be quiet. His quiet nature often led people to believe that Dad was either very cranky OR he must have been a very scary guy. Little did they know that Dad was just a big soft teddy bear. A few years after Mom passed away a beautiful lady by the name of Blanche Freese came into Dad's life and together they enjoyed fourteen fun filled years together. Then again Dad's heart was broken when he lost Blanche in 2017. Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. From then till his passing he never once complained and took on the battle with courage and a strong positive attitude. Even though Dad was a quiet gentle soul he was able to teach us the rewards of honesty, kindness, gratitude, compassion, love, and most of all that hard work never hurts anyone.Dad is survived by his children Cindy (Bob) Roach, Laurie Toews and Christine(Bob) Toews. Grandchildren Candace Roach, Dustin Creasser and Brittney Creasser. And the absolute ray of sunshine in his last few years, his only great grandchild Paxton Creasser. Dad was predeceased by our Mom Margaret, Son Dale and grandson Willi, and also by his parents and all 3 sisters and all 4 brothers. The immediate family held a private interment in the Linden Cemetery. Condolences may be sent to the family at