WESTFALL, Elizabeth Lake

Elizabeth Westfall

Elizabeth Lake Westfall, 94, passed away peacefully in her sleep on August 13, 2018, in the palliative care room of the Three Hills Hospital. She spent one week in palliative care, receiving visits from friends and church and family, who gave her prayers and hymns and scripture and friendship. It was a good passing. Elizabeth was born in Portland, Oregon, January 24, 1924 to parents John G. Lake and Florence Switzer Lake. At age 23, while working at the Wings of Healing radio ministry in Portland, she married Wilbur Keith Westfall. Elizabeth and Keith came to Prairie Bible Institute in 1948 and stayed on staff after graduating in 1951. She lived 70 years in Three Hills – about 35 years on Prairie Campus, 18 years in a house on Main Street, and 17 years in Golden Hills Lodge. Her last eight months were in Westview Care Community, Linden. Elizabeth is remembered for her loyal friendships, listening ear, sensitivity to hurting people, cheerful attitude, and amazing sense of humor. Her husband Keith passed away in 1996. Elizabeth leaves behind three sons: Steve from San Diego, Dan from Edmonton, and John from Los Angeles; two daughters-in-law: Pearl (married to Dan) and Ruth (widow of Jim who passed away in 2015) from Carlisle, England; and four grandchildren: Luke teaching English in Korea, Claire doing a Speech Pathology Clinical in Calgary, Miriam serving with Agape at Newcastle University, England, and Anna Hand, recently married in Edinburgh, Scotland. Funeral is at Bethel Church, Three Hills, on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. All are welcome. 1a22p ~