Team presented with new equipment

Warrior Hockey Bags

Our Kneehill Atom B team attracted some big attention this year. Coach Oz (Owen Zarazun) started the year off with Warrior Power being his motto. The kids have a Warrior Power chant as well as a Warrior jersey that is handed out after each game. Each week Coach Oz posted our pictures and videos on Facebook for us all to see and this is how our small town team was recognized!

The Western Canada Rep for Warrior Equipment saw our Warrior Power posts and contacted us! He was impressed with the team’s motto and asked if we would like sponsorship from Warrior Equipment!

This weekend while at our away tournament in High River our team was surprised with brand new Warrior gloves, sticks and hockey bags! The kids were thrilled to say the least! It was a great end to a fantastic weekend of hockey.

Our season is almost done for the year and thanks to a very enthusiastic coach our kids have memories that will last a lifetime!