Kneehill Bulldogs are looking for you

Bulldog Lacrosse

The local lacrosse team, the Kneehill Bulldogs, decided to reduce their registration fees to promote the sport and to encourage new members to join.

Mini-tyke, tyke, novice, and peewee prices have dropped from $150 to $50, and bantam and midget prices have dropped from $250 to $100.

“It’s a fantastic sport,” said Amanda Kinniburgh, President of the Kneehill Lacrosse Association.

Registration started in February and will be open until May 15. The season starts on April 14, and goes until June 17.

Each level has different commitments. Novice to midget will have two practices a week, have six home games and six away games, and have one tournament.

The mini-tykes and tykes will have one practice a week and five mini festivals on weekends, playing two games at each, and 10 games total.

Lacrosse is a team sport for all ages. It is an inside sport, it is one of Canada’s national sports, and it is also the oldest sport in North America.

“I love lacrosse because it is the fastest sport on two feet,” said Amanda. “Lacrosse teaches so many things to carry on in later years.”

“In this sport the weather never changes games, no bugs, no rain,” said Amanda.

The popularity of the sport has been going down in recent years, Amanda hopes that the reduction of prices will help the Kneehill Bulldogs acquire more members for the teams.

To register for lacrosse, visit the Kneehill Bulldogs website at