Bauer Rink wins Farmers Open Bonspiel

Farmer Spiel A Event

The Three Hills Curling Club hosted the Farmers Open Bonspiel from December 29 to January 5. There were 27 teams coming from far and wide to take part. Erskine, Red Deer, Rumsey, Carbon, Torrington, Carbon and Three Hills and areas in between were all represented.

The Bauer Rink made up of three generations of Bauers from Torrington came first in the A Event. This team has Jeff Bauer as skip, Mitch as 3rd, Jordan as 2nd and Daryl as lead.

Winners in the B Event was the Towers rink under skip Jody Towers, 3rd Matt Simpson, 2nd Rod Purdie and lead Irv Peterson.

The Prairie Brewing Company Team took the C Event. Here the skip was John Kowalchuck, 3rd was Mark Ferguson, 2nd Garret Hoppins, and lead, Darren Kester.

The D Event went to the team under skip Neil Boles, with 3rd being Darrin Frere, 2nd Adam Leischner, and lead Jason Calhoun.