Avery Bates signs with Lakeland College Rustlers Woman’s Volleyball

Avery Bates

Avery Bates has been a force on the volleyball court and we have been so thrilled to have her play with the Acme Redmen for the past three seasons.

She has developed into a remarkably versatile player that contributes to the team in whichever position she is placed. Over the last few years she has excelled as a middle blocker, as well as both a right and left side player. Most teams see Avery and fear for her incredible arm swing and powerful hits, which are extremely impressive, however that is not all she is capable of.

Avery has also developed into a solid passer, a smart defensive player and an effective server. Throughout her Grade 12 season, she lived up to our team goal of always being better than yesterday and demonstrated this clearly in our provincial tournament. Each game she came out firing and in our provincial final she played the best volleyball of her career.

We are so proud of Avery and wish her all the best as she continues her dream of playing post secondary ball.