Norene Page cashes in on Curling Alberta’s 50/50 raffle

Noreen Curling 5050

On Sunday morning, Norene Page checked her 50/50 tickets and said to her husband, “I think I’ve won this,” but when she looked at her phone again, the numbers weren’t coming up, so she thought she must have been mistaken. That all changed when she received a phone call telling her that yes, she was indeed the winner of $17,940 in Curling Alberta’s 50/50 raffle.

“Oh my gosh, I did win” laughed Norene. “It feels great, I’m just so excited. I’ve never won anything like this before.’

Both Norene and Tom are avid supporters of the Three Hills Curling Club and curled there for over 20 years. “I think I was a better bonspieler than I was a curler,” said Norene. They have gone to watch several curling events over the years in both Banff and Calgary and are huge Team Koe fans.

After over 40 years with UFA, Norene and Tom are still trying to settle into retirement. These days Tom still works at the petroleum agency they ran and Norene is a delegate with UFA for their area. That kind of longevity and loyalty to an organization is extremely rare and should be celebrated.

Norene and Tom were treated to a memorable celebration for their 40th anniversary of UFA Page Farm Fuels in Three Hills in April 2016. As UFA was a sponsor of Team Koe, and Norene had been involved in making that happen, she requested that Team Koe to be part of the anniversary celebration. With 500 UFA employees, clients, family and friends in attendance, the 2016 Brier champions Kevin Koe, Marc Kennedy, Brent Laing, and Ben Hebert were the highlight of the day, bringing the Brier Tankard with them.

Some early plans are taking shape as to how they will spend their big cash prize, and they involve their son Colin, daughter Corrinn, and six grandchildren.

“I think I’d like to take the whole family and go to a curling event,” said Norene. “Maybe the Brier in Lethbridge? And perhaps have a little holiday with the money.”