That's Life June 30, 2010

When the sun shines down on community events everybody smiles.
They've smiled in Carbon, Linden, Acme, Three Hills and now it's time for Trochu's Canada Day celebration that will, undoubtedly, bring on miles of smiles.
Trochu packs in lots of action making for a full day of family fun.
Head to the Community Centre for the Elks Pancake Breakfast from 8 AM - 10 AM.
The Grand Parade judging takes place at 10 am in the arena parking lot. The parade starts at 11 AM.
You can enjoy a soup, sandwich and dessert luncheon at noon at Trochu's Arboretum. Are you thirsty? Cool off at the  Beer Garden on the Arena's east side. Hey, I didn't say you had to drink beer. Maybe they sell cold pop or water.
The Amazing Race Business Challenge goes at 1 PM on Main Street. There's a Gymkhana at 1 PM on the west side of the Community Centre and from 1 PM to 3  PM there is a dunk tank on the Swimming Pool's north side. Featured Dunkers are Trochu Mayor Barry Kletke and Honored Royal Lady Suzanne Massey.
There will be a Show and Shine/Equipment Display (all makes and models welcome) on the Arena's west side from 1 - 4 PM. Stock Dog Trials in the Arena at 1:30 PM, Kid's races at 3 PM and other events at the Arena Park area to include Face Painting, Petting Zoo and Ken Sanderman's Train Rides.
Top the day off with a Beef Supper at the Community Centre from 5 - 7 PM with Bingo to follow. Visit for video of the parade. We'll upload as quickly as we can.
The office of Capital Printers Ltd. will be closed on Canada Day through to Sunday, July 4 inclusive. Our Sears store will be closed on Canada Day but we'll be here to serve you on Friday, July 2 from 9 AM to 5 PM. Sears will be closed this Saturday to allow our staff to have a life.
Take care on the roads over this holiday. Remember! Play by the rules and you won't get burned. That is unless you fail to wear enough sunscreen and a hat.
A buddy of mine dropped in yesterday and commented, "you know my head didn't used to sweat but after I hit 40, look out." I told him I suffered from the same ailment on a hot day. The problem being, we have far less hair than we used to. I sat there one evening scratching my head. I thought I was suffering from some sort of dietary deficiency. It turned out I had a sunburn on my scalp. Few trees cast little shade.
Just a reminder to everyone to "Lock it or Lose it". You know, I don't write this stuff just to entertain myself. The RCMP are working hard to stop the nonsense that's happening almost every night in our town and I see someone has taken up the hobby in Linden as well.
If we're not locking our vehicles you shouldn't be alarmed when you fall victim to prowlers. Somebody could get hurt here. Get smart and lock your doors. These guys and/or gals are looking for an easy mark and all of you victims have supplied them with exactly what they want. Help the police do their job. Don't make it worse.
That's Life.