That's Life - September 6, 2017

And just like that, school is back in class.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember a summer as hot and smoky as this one. But wait, summer is not over. Fall kicks in on September 22 and the splash parks in Three Hills and Trochu remain open while the summer heat continues.

Wildfires have plagued British Columbia this summer with dry conditions being a factor. It’s unfortunate that so many of these fires have been caused by humans.

Campfires left smoldering, flicked cigarette butts and glass bottles carelessly strewn about, have all cost thousands and thousands of hectares of prime timber, destroyed homes and seen entire communities evacuated, and the fires continue to RAGE.

I was sickened, the other evening, where I watched a man complain about a ticket he had received for flicking his cigarette butt, from his pickup truck, onto the ground. Oh, he was fine with the fact he was littering, but was outraged with the police officer, because of the additional fine due to dry conditions. I say, “throw the book at him”, or anyone else guilty of being responsible for the fires.

I was watching a newscast a few weeks back and an emergency responder indicated that he witnessed a driver flick a butt, into roadside grass, as traffic was stopped , on Highway #93, South to Radium, due to smoke and wildfire conditions. What do you do with someone like that? I recall an old friend of mine who often said “you can’t fix stupid”. Well, you can. Fines for these actions must be raised in order to be more than a mere slap on the wrist. How many people do you see on cell phones while operating a motor vehicle? The answer is, far too many. We still see people with reading material over their steering wheels.

Distracted driving is just one of the many violations that need to be hit hard. There is no such thing as being fined unfairly in situations such as these. It’s obvious that a fine of $287 and three demerits is not a big deterrent to many. Respect for authority and the laws of the land continue to slide as the accident rate, loss of life and crime rate continues to rise. Will anything be done?

Perhaps, but not immediately. Laws take time to create and sometimes longer to change. Let’s do our very best not to add to the problem.

Just a final reminder that Discovery Night, in Three Hills, is Wednesday, September 6. Head to the curling rink from 5:30 pm to 7 pm where you can discover over 60 displays featuring registration for fall sports and recreation information on Tools for School, regional and provincial service, lots of opportunities to volunteer and this year don’t miss the CNR Police display. Bring the whole family and support the KidSport barbeque by enjoying hotdogs by donation. Discovery Night is a great place to reacquaint yourself with your community and what it has to offer. It’s simply a must if you’re new to town and want to get involved. See you there.

That’s life.