That's Life - November 1, 2017

Last Wednesday’s windstorm wildfire near Acme and motor vehicle crash created a little confusion concerning the Annual Three Hills Food Bank Donation Drive. Many Three Hills residents already had their donations on their front step, so after a brief postponement, the call went out and firefighters and community volunteers rallied and swept the Town for pick-up.

About 400 bags of donations were picked up, resulting in about 3,000 pounds of food. Usually, about 700 bags are returned, so just under half are still out there.

Three Hills Fire and Rescue and the folks at Traders Furniture Centre will be out again this Wednesday evening, looking for more food donations. You are asked to leave your donations on your front step and please, turn your front yard lights or porch lights on. This makes it much easier to spot donations and much safer for those picking them up. There will be no door knocking and if you don’t have an official donation bag, please use a cardboard box or a regular grocery bag.

I applaud the Alberta Government on introducing Legislation mandating pre-pay on gas, at the pump. If passed, Bill 19 will take effect on June 1, 2018. It’s a shame it couldn’t take effect sooner, but it will take time, as most things do.

Also, Bill 203, the Alberta Standard Time Act, was voted out, in the Legislature, on Monday afternoon. That means that Daylight Saving Time remains untouched in Alberta. And yes, turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed this Saturday night. Officially, Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 5 at 2 am. If you’re anything like me, you just get out of bed Sunday morning and stumble around the house, changing clocks, and bless those clocks that change themselves.

With Halloween behind us, we can still look forward to Fall Suppers, Fall Fairs and Christmas Markets. Check this newspaper for display and classified ads on those upcoming events and more.

Last but not least, I would like to comment on the tragic number of wildfires caused by cigarette butts being flicked into dry grass.

Fact, lots and lots of people smoke. Fact, lots and lots of smokers drive. Another fact is that auto manufacturers no longer put ashtrays in vehicles. I’m sure the powers that be would consider this to be a deterrent to smoking in your vehicle. Think again. Hey, I used to smoke, my vehicles had ashtrays and I used them. I did myself a favour and quit. And that’s a good thing, for many reasons. One being, I have no reason to flick a butt into the tall grass for all the nice firemen to deal with, oh, and the insurance companies.

Here’s a thought, next time you’re out for a drive in your $80,000 SUV, with no ashtray and you sure would like a smoke, how about carrying a big old coffee can with you so you have somewhere to butt out. That way you have no reason to burn down everything in sight due to your thoughtless, careless habits.

That’s Life.