That's Life - January 17, 2018

The annual Winter Celebration and Christmas Tree Burn will happen this Saturday, January 20, at the Three Hills Recreation Park. This venue is also known as the Three HiIls Campground and the Three Hills Ball Diamonds. If you’re confused, it is located next to the Museum, directly south of the Three Hills Health Centre (hospital).

Free hot dogs and hot chocolate will be served, while they last, from the concession, beginning at 6 pm. There will be a huge bonfire, controlled by members of Three Hills Fire and Rescue, also starting at 6 pm. The high-level fireworks show begins at 6:30 pm. This is a must-see for all ages.

The weather for Saturday shouldn’t be too hard to take, so do your best to round up your family and take in this fun event. This is free of charge for all to enjoy. Please remember to dress for the weather.

Just a final reminder that Public Works will be picking up your clean, unwrapped Christmas trees, for the bonfire, this Friday, January 19. Please leave them on your boulevard, in front of your home.

The recent scare of a ballistic missile, inbound to Hawaii, takes me back to memories of my dear Mother. In her later years she would be on the phone with one of my sisters for hours. They would watch television together and chat through the entire show. I would constantly nag mom about getting a computer. I would say, “Come on Mom, you could see each other, while you chat, and you could play all sorts of games and research any topic you want.”

Her reply was, “I would press the wrong button and blow up the world.”

If Mom was still alive, she would be pointing at me, saying, “You see what happened, your Mother’s not such a “Dumb Dora” after all.”

By the way, my Mom’s name was Doreen. Many of you knew her as Dorrie and my Dad sometimes called her Dottie. Mom called herself “Dumb Dora” whenever she felt she did something “less than intelligent” because “stupid” was not an acceptable word in our home.

What really concerns me is there was another false alarm on Tuesday morning, concerning another North Korean Missile, heading for Japan. This is more than disturbing. This reminds me of the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. This is not a healthy situation. Where would we be today if the U.S. Military would have launched counter missiles in retaliation of Saturday’s false alarm? I mean, 38 minutes is a very long time between the initial warning and the “False Alarm” message. Who knows what could have happened in all that time.

Now, on to “Operation Cold Start”. Calgary City Police have launched this annual campaign in an attempt to reduce vehicle theft and provide awareness on how quickly your vehicle can be stolen. We have lived through many extremely cold mornings and many are guilty of starting their vehicles and letting them warm up, often with unlocked doors and the keys in the ignition.

Three Hills RCMP urge everyone to take every precaution when warming your vehicle. Auto theft happens everywhere. Lock it or lose it. And remember, do not leave children and/or pets alone in a running vehicle. Those few minutes away from your vehicle could change your life forever, and not in a good way.

That’s Life.