That's Life - March 7, 2018

It always amazes me when every weather forecast predicts a snowfall warning, days ahead of the actual event, but one forecaster simply doesn’t agree. Last week most of Alberta was either under winter storm warnings or snowfall warnings for Friday and Saturday. One, Calgary meteorologist predicted a 5 cm snowfall for the city with the outside possibility of 10 cm in some parts of the city. A viewer took him to task asking why his prediction was so conservative compared to others. He simply replied, that the weather models he uses are the best models for this region. Thus, no snowfall advisory from him. Its a good thing we are all plugged in to far too many devices on this particular occasion. I, for one, had an appointment in Calgary on Friday afternoon. I had cancelled that appointment on Wednesday morning in anticipation of a well-advertised snow event, no thanks to him. I’m glad I made that change as about 30 cm of snow fell on South Central Alberta. Public safety falls, quite often, into the hands of our meteorologists. They carry a lot of weight when we’re trying to decide wether we should travel or stay put. Following his direction could have been catastrophic. What really got me angry was when one of his team players said, “Well, we all know we got lots of snow, and we predicted it.” I changed the channel in disgust.

The talk of the town is “The Foreigner”, now playing at the Three Hills Arts Academy. I can’t wait to attend, but I guess I’ll have to. Get your tickets now, don’t miss out. And yes, the weather looks like it’s going to be just fine, if not warm.

That’s Life.