That's Life - March 14, 2018

If laughter “is” the best medicine, my wife and I should by okay for a long time.

We had the pleasure of attending “The Foreigner” presented at the Three Hills Arts Academy, March 2-11, in eight, three-hour shows. I’ll admit it, there was a time when you couldn’t drag me to live theatre, but the Three Hills Arts Academy has changed my thinking.

Now, if you have taken in a musical production at the Academy, you already know you’re in for something spectacular.

This year’s big spring production is “Mary Poppins”. It runs Wednesdays through Sundays May 23 to June 3. That’s right, you can take in Cruise Weekend and while you’re out and about, you can sit down and be dazzled by the amazing talent this region has to offer. This show will take place at Parable Place on the Prairie College Campus and believe me when I say, “there isn’t a bad seat in the house” as Parable Place was developed as a professional theatre with the lighting and acoustics to match. Tickets go on sale in early April. We’ll keep you posted.

The Three Hills RCMP are extremely pleased with the response they have received concerning their 2018/19 Community Priority Survey. If you have yet to complete your survey, please do so and drop your’s off at the Three Hills RCMP Detachment or at any Town or Village Municipal office. Copies of the survey can be printed off of all Municipal websites within the Three Hills RCMP detachment area or at the office of The Capital, located at 411 Main Street, Three Hills. Please have your completed survey in by Friday, March 16 at 4 pm.

This time of year we are dealing with weather conditions that can be hazardous or worse. Please take fog advisories seriously and, if at all possible, do not take to the highways. Ice on our sidewalks can also be very, very dangerous. Daytime thawing and nighttime freezing is a combination that can result in any number of injuries. Even the sidewalks that get shovelled clean can collect water as the snowbanks are so high on each side and the water has nowhere to go.

Historically, March is Alberta’s month with the greatest amount of snow. Check your regional forecasts and road conditions before setting out for your destination. Carry a fully charged cell phone and a charger. Dress for the weather and carry an emergency kit just in case you have to spend time in your vehicle during extreme conditions. Not being prepared is no way to deal with uncertain conditions. Your life might depend on it.

That’s Life.